Full Metal Monsters: Best Dinosaurs in the Game

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In today’s article we are going to tell you all about the best dinosaurs in Full Metal Monsters, and help you pick the ones that are best fitting for your play style.

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So, first of all you should know that there are some basics to the game, and if you haven’t done so yet, make sure you take a look at our game guide to get a better understanding of them!

Full Metal Monsters – How to unlock more dinosaurs?

First thing you need to know is how you can unlock more dinos! Well, that’s pretty simple, as all that you have to do is basically play. In order to unlock more dinosaurs there are 2 main ways of doing so:

– By leveling up

– By paying real life money

The first option is the one that I suggest you go for, especially if you are looking to be a free player, and not spend a dime on the game. Every new level (up to level 19) you will be able to unlock a new fighter, which most of the time will be better than your previous ones.

The pay to win option – or the second option – will unlock slightly better dinosaurs for you to play with, which in my opinion are not worth investing in, unless you are a hardcore player – in which case, the Tyrannosaurus SOV-RN2 is a must have, for it is as good as it is expensive.

Either way, go level up and you won’t be thinking about buying the dinos!

Full Metal Monsters – Types of Dinosaurs

Keep in mind that there are some dinosaurs that can fly, some that jump and some that walk on the ground – so there are multiple types you can choose from, and depending on which ones fit your play style the most, go for the ones which you enjoy the most!

Dinosaurs that fly – can basically lift up in the air and attack the enemies from above. They move far quicker in air rather than on land, where they are as slow as slugs. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, because they can be targeted much easier when in the air, while also having a better view of the enemy on land.

So yeah, while you can attack them much easier, they can also attack you much easier, so it all depends on your ability to dodge the bullets and all incoming shots.

Dinosaurs that jump – they can be really useful, especially when it comes to moving around on the map and hiding behind terrain objects, such as rocks or walls. That jump ability can also come in handy quite a lot when it comes to dodging incoming attacks, so overall they are a pretty good type of dinosaur.

Dinosaurs that dash – these ones are also useful when it comes to escaping the enemy or getting right into the enemy’s face. Their dash ability can help them escape attacks and crowds of enemies, so if you can get used to timing it right, it could be one of the best. 

Now they can all be good in certain situations, but it takes practice and getting used to – so if you think about maining one, carefully think about it because it will depend a lot on your play style. 

But if you want to main two or three of them, there is an option for this too! You can hire a couple extra Riders, so that in case you get killed you can respawn, and that will help you if you want to try out different play styles. Just keep in mind, you need to practice a lot!

Full Metal Monsters – The best Dinosaurs

While I am not going to go about the paid dinosaurs, I am going to tell you everything about the free ones, so if you are a free player, like myself, you will know exactly which dinosaurs are worth maxing out and which  not.

Scavenger – Velociraptor: This one is the very first one, and you will not play with it for a long time, so I suggest not to focus on it too much.

Chaser – Dilophosaurus: It’s a pretty OK dino when it comes to damage – speed – range, so on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 6.5.

Raider – Pterodactylus: I mained this one until I leveled up a bit more, it is very fun to play and quite strong. Go for it once you reach level 3. But keep in mind it is an avian, so it is kind of a “high risk, high reward” type of dinosaur.

SL-R5 – Utahraptor: Definitely worth it if you like fighting on ground and jump style dinosaurs. It is also armored, so it will be a little bit more tanky.

Vulture Mk4 – Pteranodon: One of the fastest – if not the fastest – dinosaur out there. Of course, it is an avian, so if you like that style, it might sound tempting, but I suggest that you wait one more level for the next one. It has good damage and is armored, but there are better ones.

Invader Mk3 – Ornithocheirus: Now this is not as fast as its previous counterpart, but it is definitely good. It has good range, good speed, and decent HP. Go for it (if you like avians, of course)!

Stormherald – Quetzalcoatlus: While it looks good, I don’t recommend it. Skip!

Predator Mk1 – Allosaurus: It is pretty good, and now that it’s been a while since you had some decent dash dinosaurs, it could be OK until you unlock better ones.

Breaker Mk7 – Pachycephalosaurus: Not as good as Predator Mk1, I suggest that you skip it.

Hunter – Allosaurus: This is a jumper, and a prett decent one. If you want a new jumper to change the looks, go for it.

Keeper – Iguanodon: Just like the name suggests, it is a keeper. I like Keeper because it is pretty balanced, so if you feel like trying out something new, go for it.

MRD-R3 – Quetzalcoatlus: This dinosaur not only looks badass, but is also pretty good. If you like the flying dinos, go for it – it is definitely interesting!

Behemoth – Pentaceratops: I recommend that you skip this, because there are better ones that you can have at this level, so it’s not worth it in my opinion.

Pursuer – Spinosaurus: Now this is a pretty good dinosaur. I definitely urge you to get it, because it has good stats: good HP, good damage and speed and also a pretty big range.

BLW-RK1 – Ankylosaurus: One of the armored baddies, this one seems pretty good. It can withstand a hit or two (or more), so if you want to tank while dealing good damage, it is a good one.

Impaler Mk2 – Triceratops: Now this is a good looking dino! This armored dinosaur does not have as much armor as his little brother BLW-RK1, but has a big range and decent speed. All that combines with good damage, makes it a must get! 

Sentinel – Brontosaurus: This is the dino with the most range in game, but the rest of the stats are not that impressive. If you think it can work for you, get it – else, skip it!

SDV-RN2 – Tyrannosaurus: You’ve definitely heard about T-Rex – now, how about an armored T-Rex? This is just that, so I suggest getting it because this could be your end game dinosaur since it has it all! In my opinion, it is the best.

DFN-DR4 – Stegosaurus: Another end game dinosaur for the ones who prefer tanks. It doesn’t have the best damage, but it can take a hit or two. 

Now like I said, the best one in my opinion is the SDV-RN2 (T-Rex) but until you reach the level required to unlock it, you should try out different ones and even try to learn a few roles. 

Do you have any other favorite dinosaurs? What play style do you like the most? Let us know down in the comments below! 

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Full Metal Monsters: Best Dinosaurs in the Game

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