Free Fire OB26 Update Patch Notes: Mini Drone, Traning Island, War Chest and more

Free Fire OB26 update patch notes

Free Fire’s next major patch, the OB26 update, is set to release globally on Feb 4. The latest update will bring plenty of new content to the table such as a brand new Training Island, New Mechanism in Battle Royale mode, War Chest, and a bunch of new features.

As usual, Free Fire servers will be taken offline for a few hours for the rollout of the OB26 update. During that time, players cannot access the game servers. Once the server maintenance ends, one can download the OB26 update from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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Here’s an overview of all the new features coming to the Free Fire OB26 update.

Free Fire OB26 Update Patch Notes

Clash Squad: Ranked Season 5

Halloween , Png Download - Mp5 Gold, Transparent Png - kindpng
Free Fire Golden MP5 skin
  • The new season starts on February 5th at 06:00 after OB26 update.
  • Season 5 of CS Ranked is coming! Reach the rank of Gold III or more and win the special ranked item – the Golden
  • MP5!”
  • New ranked season available from 02/05/2021 to 04/14/2021.

New Item: Mystery Crate (Clash Squad mode)

May be an image of 4 people
Mystery Crate
  • The idea behind the Mystery Crate is to give the losing team a chance to react.
  • By purchasing this box, players will be able to receive special items.
  • Each Mystery Crate will contain 3 items – but players must choose only 1 to take to the battle.
  • Available in Contra Squad – only in casual mode.

Vending Machine Update

How to get free Rewards from Operation Chrono vending machines in Free Fire
Vending Machine Update in OB26 update
  • New Item – Mini Drone is now available in Vending machines.
  • Adjusted token availability.
  • Sales machine price adjustment.

New Item: Mini Drone

Free Fire Is Getting A New 'Mini Drone' Item In The OB26 Update
Mini Drone item to Debut in Free Fire
  • Initially available in Classic Mode in OB26 update (casual and ranked).
  • The mini drone is able to scan the surroundings and detect nearby enemies.
  • Mini drone available only at the Vending Machine.

New Item: War Chest

War Chest in Free Fire
  • In advance, available in Classic Mode (casual and ranked).
  • In this update, the war chest will be available at various points on the map to make it easier to equip on the battlefield.

New System: Return Area

  • Available in Classic Mode (Casual only).
  • The Return Area will be available in classic casual mode.
  • Players will be able to revive their entire team by capturing and activating the Return Area.
  • However, keep your eyes open: the Return Area will only appear in exposed areas. Capturing and activating the Return Area will revive the entire squad.

New Mechanism: Revival

Revival Mechanism
  • Collect tokens in OB26 update to purchase Revival Card from the Vending machine.
  • Occupy the revival points to revive a teammate.

Brand New Training Mode in OB26 update

OB26 Training Ground
  • Updated Map and Improved the Graphics.
  • New Shooting Range Mini Game
  • Rabbit Racing Mini Game
  • Sports Hall of Fame Mini Game
  • Ferris Wheel Mini Game
  • Gel Training Mini Game

Training Island Store Update

  • New Item: Stylish Hammer available
  • New Item: Giant Dice available

New Weapon: MAG 7 Shotgun

Free Fire OB26 Advanced Server Leaks New Mag-7 Shotgun
MAG-7 Shotgun in Free Fire

Available only in Classic mode and Clash Squad mode.

  • Base Damage: 20
  • Reload Rate: 8
  • Fire Rate: 0,2
  • Attachments: Handle and Stock

New Feature: Look Around

Free Fire Eye Icon
  • Use Eye icon to look around you while running in OB26 update.

Weapon Balance Changes in OB26 update


  • Increased armor penetration and minimum damage


  • Minimum damage: -1
  • Akimbo maximum range: -4


  • Increases damage, range, and rate of fire:
  • Minimum damage: +3


  • Minimum damage: -1
  • Maximum range: -1


  • Recoil: reduced from 0.28 to 0.25
  • Maximum range: reduced from 34 to 29


  • Range: 0.39 increased to 0.42
  • Remove magazine attachment


  • Reduced additional damage and range


  • Minimum damage: +3
  • Recoil: 0.2 increased to 0.23


  • Ability to throw the Knife

Other Changes

  • New login option: Twitter
  • Vehicles can now honk in Classic Mode
  • Squatting and standing up will no longer interrupt the process of reviving your companion
  • Teammate’s name will be visible in half next to the crosshair
  • Bug that did not count the damage when hitting fixed
  • Visualized Kamir’s skill optimized
  • Inhaler will be able to regain life above 200 for characters over 200
  • Rewards for Reward Tokens will be marked on the mini map
  • The Contra Squad scoreboard will now show teammate data
  • It is now possible to see the equipment and skills of the teammate while watching
  • High SPF shadow options available for all devices
  • Added the function of opening several loot boxes at the same time
  • Markers at the start will be shown on the map while parachuting
  • Sound effects when destroying enemy helmets and vests added
  • FAMAS-X available in Classic Mode
  • Added sound effects when hitting the head.

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Free Fire OB26 Update Patch Notes: Mini Drone, Traning Island, War Chest and more


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