Era of Conquest Launches with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Approval

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Benedict Cumberbatch is a performer who clearly chooses his roles carefully. 

Whether he’s portraying Sherlock Holmes, Dr Strange, or Phil Burbank, the hard-bitten cowherd in Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog, Benedict Cumberbatch moves effortlessly from Hollywood blockbuster to arthouse darling to cherished TV institution, growing more powerful by the day. 

Talent and hard work are the reasons for his remarkable success, of course, but if you were to draw up a strategic masterplan for taking over the entertainment industry, it would probably look a lot like Benedict Cumberbatch’s career.

So when Benedict Cumberbatch chooses to endorse a mobile strategy game, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s worth checking out. 

Watch the slickly produced  trailer below to see the superstar in action, assaying the role of time-travelling enigma musing on the changeable fortunes of dynasties past and present. It might just send a shiver down your spine. 

But the fact is, Era of Conquest would deserve your respect even without Benedict Cumberbatch’s distinguished megawattage. 

While you may never have come across it till now, Era of Conquest is already a massive hit in its native China, where millions of players have been enthusiastically battletesting it for the past couple of years. 

Following a massive pre-launch campaign that saw the game hitting more than 5 million pre-registrations—and 50 lucky winners claiming a host of valuable real world prizes—Era of Conquest is now available in 83 countries around the world. 

Here’s what you’ve got in store if you’re just learning about it now. 

Developed by 4399 Games, Era of Conquest is a massively multiplayer open world strategy game for mobile and PC. It sees you picking a world civilization and vying with millions of other players for global supremacy. 

There are nine civilizations to choose from, including the Vikings, the Brits, the Japanese, the Romans, the Germans, the French, the Arabs, the Koreans, and the Chinese. These civilizations are represented by historical figures like Richard 1, Caesar, Queen Seondeok, Emperor Qin Shihuang, and many others. 

Naturally, all of these civilizations have their own particular approaches on the battlefield. The British have longbows, the Mamluks have lances, the Vikings have battleaxes, and so on. Whatever your preferred style of combat, you’re bound to find a good match in Era of Conquest’s comprehensive overview of martial history. 

Whichever civilization you plump for, Era of Conquest is strictly a game of strategy. The only way to get ahead is to make the right alliances, hold the right territory, and deploy the right tactics in battle. 

None of this is achievable by simply spending a lot of money. 

Conscription is automatic and free in Era of Conquest, and there’s no VIP status. You can’t buy resources, either, all of which means you can always be sure you’re fighting on a level playing field.

As befits a game with aspirations of global dominion, Era of Conquest also looks great, with a slick next-gen 3D engine, gorgeously detailed graphics, weather effects, a day/night cycle, and an absolutely enormous 120x120km world map. 

Thanks to the latest SPR and DOTS technology, it’s possible to engage in battles involving up to 6,000 players at the same time, making for some truly spectacular, Cumberbatch-worthy skirmishes and confrontations.

To get your campaign underway, download Era of Conquest for free right now on the App Store, the Google Play Store, the App Gallery, and PC – just click here.

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Era of Conquest Launches with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Approval