The Latest Lords Mobile Collab Event, with Some Incredible Prizes and a Brilliantly Apt Theme

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It’s always a good day when IGG unveils a new Lords Mobile collab event, and this one is shaping up to be extra special. 

Between September 1st and November 12th, the hugely popular and innovative cross-platform strategy MMO Lords Mobile is playing host to the hugely popular medieval combat league Armored Combat Worldwide, in an event dubbed Lords Mobile x AWC. 

Here’s the lowdown. 

The legendary warriors of the ACW have invaded the Kingdoms of Athena—where, it has to be said, they fit right in. This incursion presents you with the perfect opportunity to get your hands on exclusive items, play exclusive content, win prizes, and more.

Take the ACW Ultimate Armor Challenge. This one lets you earn attack chances by completing specific quests. After each round, you get a share of the treasure your side has plundered, along with rewards based on the total damage you’ve inflicted. 

It gets better. The top 100 players after the event will receive an avalanche of bonus rewards, in the form of in-game items and real-world goodies like an iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB, an iPad Pro 11” Wi-Fi 256GB, and a $500 Amazon Gift Card. 

Plus, the Lords Mobile x ACW events lets you get your hands on an exclusive Guild frame and a free Armored Knight avatar, which you earn one piece at a time by completing daily quests. 

Also in the pipeline are some huge offline 150v150 and 5v5 armored combat competitions where teams fight under the banners of various Lords Mobile guilds.

And the Lords Mobile x ACW event will even give you the chance to win tickets to the ACW league, which means you’ll have the rare opportunity to see what MMA looked like in medieval Europe. 

In the unlikely event that you don’t already have it installed, grab Lords Mobile for free on the Google Play Store, the App Store, or Steam right now. If you prefer, you can also snag the standalone PC version directly from the official website.
To learn more about Lords Mobile x ACW, head to the official Facebook page.

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The Latest Lords Mobile Collab Event, with Some Incredible Prizes and a Brilliantly Apt Theme