Hit Mobile Game Last Fortress: Underground’s First Ever Collab is With Amazon’s Superhero Hit The Boys

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Last Fortress: Underground, the biggest mobile strategy game featuring zombies, has just announced its first ever crossover event, and it’s with Amazon’s hit superhero series, The Boys.

It’s an unlikely crossover for sure, but we’re here for it. When it arrives on July 31, the popular characters Butcher, Hughie, and Starlight will feature as playable characters.

In fact, you can unlock Starlight for free by participating in the beginning of the event. This involves completing a series of objectives throughout the week, earning Starlight when you’ve beat them all.

Hughie and Butcher will then become available later on in the collaboration. You can’t quite unlock them with as much ease as Starlight, but you’ll get a chance to unlock them via the game’s gacha system.

That’s not all, though. The event will also feature a ton of collectible items from the Amazon series, including Butcher’s vehicle, themed buildings, and profile customisations. You can also find all information about the event in a dedicated collection room.

Wrapping it up is a new storyline that ties into the series plot. Join Butcher, Hughie, and Starlight as they help you fend off the zombie horde and learn more about the outbreak.

If you haven’t heard of Last Fortress: Underground, It’s a mobile strategy game that sees you build your own underground shelter.

You build a variety of rooms necessary for survival, recruit survivors, and create a team out of them to send into battle. You also have to venture out occasionally to scavenge for resources.

Got friends? Well, you can establish alliances to help you. Allies can accelerate each other’s construction and research activities, as well as help each other survive.

Fancy checking out Last Fortress: Underground for yourself? Well, do so by grabbing it from the App Store or Google Play right now.

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Hit Mobile Game Last Fortress: Underground’s First Ever Collab is With Amazon’s Superhero Hit The Boys