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Garena Free Fire Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide (Updated 2020)

Garena Free Fire Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide (Updated 2020)

Garena Free Fire is an intense battle royale game where you are put against 50 other players. Will you be the last one standing? It’s an ongoing fight as the game recently celebrated its 3rd birthday, becoming Garena Free Fire: 3volution. And we’re here to help you with a bunch of tips, cheat and tricks to get better at this game.

Garena Free Fire plays almost exactly like the original PUBG, so if you have experience there you’ll do fine here as well, but it never hurts to look for some help. Our Garena cheats and tips will show you how to survive the battlefield regardless!

Free Fire demands attention, sharp reflexes, and on-the-fly thinking, and we’re going to help you out with all of those. Let’s get started with our Garena Free Fire cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Drop old attachments!

When you find a new attachment for one of your guns, there will be an up arrow on it to indicate that it’s higher level than the one you already have. Picking it up will automatically equip, however your character will simply unequip the old attachment.

If you don’t pay attention, your backpack can fill up with a ton of outdated attachments. Be sure to throw them out whenever you find a better one to avoid losing too much space!

2. Sprint between cover

Never stay out in the open wilderness for too long, ESPECIALLY if there are buildings nearby! You’re a sitting duck out in the open, and players can pick you off from unknown directions. Sprint between open fields and make liberal use of any objects nearby.

You can also try staying crouched to avoid detection, and even going prone may help. Just don’t do it if you’re already spotted – it’ll just make you easier to hit!

Even more: never stand still after encountering another player. Learn to be on the move and shoot continuously in order to avoid taking damage. This is an art that has to be mastered if you want to be among the best players in the game!

3. Keep all the ammo with you

Each type of gun uses different kinds of ammo. You’re probably thinking: do I need to hang onto the ammo for guns I don’t have? Well, it’s up to you, but we recommend you do.

The reason being is that you are constantly finding new guns as you scour the land, and if you find an upgrade that’s an entirely new type of gun, you’ll already have the ammo for it ready to do.

There’s nothing more of a bummer than finding a better gun and then realizing you have no ammo for it! If you have the space to spare, we recommend hanging onto all the ammo you come across.

4. Land in good areas that are not crowded

Probably the most important decision you will make is where to drop off: always try to land in an area that’s not crowded.

This way, you will not only get to live longer, but you will also have access to more items to loot and build up a flawless inventory before heading to battle.

5. Keep an eye on the minimap

The minimap is useful for not only orienting yourself, but also for locating threats. If you’re under fire from an unknown assailant, glance over at the minimap.

You’ll see a red ping flash in the direction of wherever the shot came from, which can be useful for locating the player or for running away from them.

6. Get all the essential gear before you fight

Before you head into a firefight, it’s best to make sure you’re properly equipped. This means that you’ve got a few med kits on hand, two main guns with a pistol, and head and body protection.

Once you’re fully decked out, you have the greatest chances of winning a fire fight. If you’re not fully equipped when you come across another player, you may want to consider running away depending on the circumstances.

7. Watch for airdrops

Just like any other battle royale game, an airplane will occasionally fly by and drop off a care back marked by a flare. Keep your eyes up and ears open to listen for it. If you can see the crate falling, start heading towards it.

These crates contain great gear and guns if you can reach them, but be careful – other players will most likely meet you there. Be prepared for a fight!

8. Use headphones if possible

Sound is extremely important in Garena Free Fire, so if you have the option to use headphones, do so.

This way, you will always know what is happening around you and you will hear sounds like footsteps or vehicles and all other sounds from the exact direction they’re coming from. This helps you better prepare for what’s coming.

9. Don’t rush into battle

Since this is a survival game, you want to stay low – literally by going prone or crouching – and away from the heat of the battle.

Find good spots to wait for enemies to get into your sight and take them out without revealing your position. If you do reveal your position, quickly move to another spot in order to prevent others from finding you.

This is a game of strategy, a game where you have to be patient and strike lethally just when you have to – your goal is to be the last one standing, not the one with the most kills!

10. Choose the right characters for the job

Depending on your style of play, choose a character that helps you improve that stat you are best at. The two starting characters are not giving you any sort of extra points, but the others do.

Here’s what they currently offer (their base, starting stats):

  • Andrew – Vest durability loss decreased by 2%
  • Ford – Reduce damage when outside safe zone by 4%
  • Kelly – Sprinting speed increased by 1%
  • Kla – Fist damage increased by 100%
  • Nikita – Submachine gun reloads faster by 4%
  • Maxim – Eating and using med kits faster by 2%
  • Misha – Driving speed increased by 2%
  • Olivia – Revived players get 6 more HP

In my opinion, the best characters, based on these bonuses, are Nikita, Andrew and Maxim.

That’s all for Garena Free Fire! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Garena Free Fire Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide (Updated 2020)



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