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Goddess Connect provides an RPG experience with plenty of style. The game lets you battle it out using your roster of Souls (all done as original anime characters). While adventuring through multiple story arcs takes a central point in the game’s narrative, there’s also a strong gacha aspect since you’ll want to collect all of the playable Souls and level them up as far as possible.

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Although Goddess Connect doesn’t have a negative P2W reputation like, for instance, Last Ultima, players still appreciate a bit of help when collecting in-game resources. In other words, this game allows you to collect most resources through regular gameplay, but that doesn’t mean anyone would mind an easier method. This is precisely where redeemable codes come in. Read on to learn about the latest codes for Goddess Connect

All Goddess Connect Codes List

Active Goddess Connect Codes

  • GCDISCORD—We received 1,500 Diamonds, 30 Hero Breakthrough Pills, and 10 Basic Summon Tickets
  • OCT143—We received 1,888 Diamonds, 20 Pet Upgrade Stones, and 10 Pet Breakthrough Stones
  • VIP111—We received 888 Diamonds, 20 EXP Crystals, and 20 Hero Breakthrough Pills
  • VIP222—Same rewards as for all VIP codes
  • VIP444—We received the same rewards as for other VIP codes plus 5 Basic Summon Tickets
  • VIP555—We received 1,888 Diamonds, 20 Pet Upgrade Stones, 20 Pet Breakthrough Stones, and 5 Basic Summon Tickets
  • VIP888—We received an Advanced Summon Ticket, 10 Potential Upgrade Stones, 2,888 Diamonds, 50 EXP Crystals, and 50 Hero Breakthrough Pills
  • VIP999—We received an Advanced Summon Ticket, 8 Rank Promotion Books, 2,888 Diamonds, 50 Pet Upgrade Stones, and 50 Pet Breakthrough Stones

Expired Goddess Connect Codes

  • gcwelcome1
  • gcwelcome2
  • gcwelcome3
  • gcwelcome4
  • SEPT244
  • SEPT173
  • SEPT210

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How to Redeem Codes in Goddess Connect

Screenshot by Touch, Tap, Play
  1. Launch Goddess Connect and make sure you’ve achieved level 40 on your account.
  2. Tap the World/City button on the bottom left so that City is highlighted.
  3. Select Benefit Hall, which should be the second icon from the left below your profile picture.
  4. Tap on the Activation Code tab.
  5. Enter the code in the Click to enter the activation code box.
  6. Tap Claim to get the reward.

How Can You Get More Goddess Connect Code

The best way to stay up to speed with the latest Goddess Connect codes is to follow the game’s handles on various social media. Goddess Connect has a Facebook profile, and you can also bookmark the website of Indofun, the game’s developer.

Why Are My Goddess Connect Codes Not Working?

If you’re encountering problems with redeeming your Goddess Connect codes, you might be using an outdated code. However, if that’s the case, the game will give you a notification saying the code has expired. The other possibility is that you haven’t entered the code correctly. To avoid this issue, always double-check your spelling and use the same letter case as written in our lists.

How to Upgrade Your Characters in Goddess Contact?

Since many rewards you get from redeeming codes are character upgrade materials, it would be handy to go over the basic mechanics of upgrading your Heros in Goddess Contact. To do so, tap the World/City button to activate world, then tap on the Hero icon. From there, you can select any Hero you’ve already obtained and level them using EXP Gems or do a breakthrough via Hero Breakthrough Pills every 10 levels.

What is Goddess Connect?

Goddess Connect is an action-adventure game with collection and roleplaying elements. The game gives you the opportunity to collect characters and pets, upgrade their abilities, and explore the in-game world in detail. One of the most exciting aspects of Goddess Connect is the fast-paced game environment that wastes little time on cinematics and dialogue lines.

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