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Goddess Connect Tier List

Check out the best heroes to use in Goddess Connect with our tier list.

Welcome to Goddess Connect, an anime idle RPG full of cool characters and ferocious monsters. You begin the game creating your own character and choosing their class, but soon are joined by various goddesses and gods who fight alongside you.

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There are plenty of heroes to choose from in Goddess Connect, but which ones are the best? We’ll show you everything you need to know in our Goddess Connect tier list.

The best heroes in Goddess Connect (S-Tier heroes)

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The following heroes are the best of the best in Goddess Connect. Much like in other mobile RPGs, all the heroes in Goddess Connect are sorted by rarity. However, in this game, the stat differences between rarities are so huge, it’s pretty clear who the top-tier heroes are.

Hero Details
Nezha Deals lots of damage, but to random targets. Capable of dispelling enemy buffs and applying debuffs.
Hera Puts targets to sleep, rendering them unable to act. Deals increased damage to sleeping targets and can heal off of them.
Raphael High healing potential with the ability to grant regeneration and dispel ally debuffs.
Poseidon Deals high damage and inflicts silence and freeze, making her excel at crowd control.
Hades Deals high damage and inflicts burn. Excels at finishing off small groups of enemies.
Luna High healing potential and grants ATK buffs. She can also temporarily make allies immune to death, making her the best support hero in the game.
Ares Deals high critical damage and deals even more damage towards wounded enemies.
Hela Deals high AoE damage and can poison and stun enemies.
Nidhogg Deals high damage and can reduce enemy DEF while disabling their healing.

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Goddess Connect A-Tier and below heroes

These are the remaining heroes in Goddess Connect. These heroes will be your filler units until you’re able to summon the higher-rarity heroes.

Tier Heroes
A Faust, Abyss Witch, Victoria, Suijin, Venus, Onimusha, Amaterasu, Ice Queen, Gaia
B Pandora, Helios, Helen, Izanami, Flash, Pyromancer, Tethys, Semimaris, Thor, Seraphim, Sakura, Sheena, Berserker, Themis, Ophanim, Aurora, Gale, Cherubim
C Joan of Arc, Alaina, Catherine, Gianna, Hilda, Diana, Alice

That’s our tier list for Goddess Connect. Think a hero should be somewhere else on the list? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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Goddess Connect Tier List