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Omniheroes Tier List

Omniheroes Tier List
Image via OmniDream Games
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The world is under siege from dark forces, and only the Valkyries can save the day! Omniheroes is a turn-based RPG with idle game elements. Summon and recruit new Valkyrie heroes, each with their own factions, synergies, and skills.

There are plenty of heroes to choose from in Omniheroes, but which ones are the best? With so many factors to consider, like the hero factions, it may be a little overwhelming trying to formulate a good team composition. We can show you everything you need to know in our Omniheroes tier list of the best heroes in the game.

The best heroes in Omniheroes (S-Tier heroes)

The following heroes are the best of the best and perform exceptionally well in most cases. If you’re trying to activate certain Valkyrie synergy effects (which you absolutely should prioritize), we have included their synergy for your reference.

Image via OmniDream Games

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One thing to note is that activating as many synergy bonuses as possible is very important in Omniheroes. Even if you don’t have the best heroes yet, your party can still perform very well if you activate lots of synergy bonuses.

Hero Valkyrie Details
Salleine Avengers Deals high AoE MDMG and gets a stacking ATK Boost whenever he is healed.
Arkdina Avengers Deals high AoE MDMG and grants ATK Boost and a healing effect to all allies.
Lachesis Avengers Has massive healing potential and can dispel enemy buffs.
Lily & Lia Glorians One of the best support heroes, offering healing, shields, ATK Boosts, and debuff cleanses.
Talanis Glorians Deals high AoE MDMG and can stun enemies once she has enough stacks of ATK Boost.
Guinn Glorians Excels at finishing off wounded enemies and stealing their HP.
Aiushtha Doomsdayers Deals high AoE MDMG and can confuse enemies and remove their buffs. She can grant DMG Boost to allies and cleanse their debuffs, but at the cost of HP.
Hallios Doomsdayers Deals high PDMG, and can inflict debuffs with critical hits.
Lamia Doomsdayers Deals high single-target MDMG and can provide utility with Reflect Boost and Sanctuary.
Bastet Mystifiers Deals high AoE MDMG and excels at quickly building large amounts of Corrode stacks.
Franz Mystifiers Deals high AoE MDMG and can build Corrode stacks.
Dullahan Mystifiers A powerful tank that can taunt enemies to force them to attack him, and he can also grant shields to himself.
Talos Mystifiers Deals high AoE PDMG and can shield the party.
Catrina Ethereals Deals high AoE PDMG and can grant buffs to the party upon landing critical hits.
Eudora Ethereals Deals high AoE PDMG and can inflict Healing Rupture with critical hits, which turn the enemy’s incoming healing into damage.
Karnak Ethereals Deals high AoE PDMG and can grant CRIT Boost to all allies.
Mastema Ethereals Deals high single-target PDMG, and he can keep attacking if he lands critical hits.
Themis Valiantors Deals high single-target PDMG and can inflict DEF RED on all enemies.
Atropos Valiantors Grants massive ATK buffs to allies with high ATK.
Nyx Valiantors Deals massive single-target PDMG, and is even stronger in PvP.
Victoria Valiantors Grows stronger as fights go on, applying DEF RED to enemies.
Macaria Valiantors Deals high AoE PDMG and deals extra damage to targets with DEF RED.

Omniheroes A-Tier and below tier list

Here are the rest of the heroes in Omniheroes. Don’t count them out just because they’re of a lower tier—as we mentioned earlier, activating synergy bonuses should be your top priority.

Tier Heroes
A Elune, Dorabella, Ellie, Emily, Minotaur, Albert, Persephone, Merlin, Sylvan, Nawi
B Ashlyn, Marlena, Anubia, Osse, Medusa, Solomon, Atalanta, Athena, Baal, Carola, Clotho
C Jerald, Diana, Bjorn, Brutus, Percival, Bojji, Stannard, Yasuke

Those are all the heroes in Omniheroes. Do you think a certain hero should be moved around on the tier list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Omniheroes Tier List