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Hunter Raid Tier List | The Best Equipment in Hunter Raid

Hunter Raid Tier List | The Best Equipment in Hunter Raid
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When a mysterious red portal tore open the very fabric of time and space, deadly creatures from throughout history invaded our world! It’s up to the ancient race of Hunters to destroy the monsters and save humanity in Hunter Raid, an idle RPG.

Your Hunter battles on their own over time, and you can equip them with a variety of equipment to improve their stats. With so much equipment to choose from, which ones are the best? Here is everything you need to know about the best equipment in our Hunter Raid tier list.

What is Equipment in Hunter Raid?

Equipment is individual pieces of gear in Hunter Raid that you can equip for various stat boosts. Equipment, when combined with stat boosts from levels ups, is the primary way of growing stronger in the game.

Your hunter has five slots for equipment: weapon, body, head, hand, and foot. You can get new equipment by performing the appropriate summons—there’s a different summon for each of the five equipment types.

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Equipment is categorized by rarity and tier. Rarities are normal, superior, rare, and heroic. Tiers start at 4 and go to 1, with 1 being the best. Because of this categorization system, it’s actually pretty easy to tell which equipment is the best.

You can view all of this info about equipment easily in Hunter Raid itself, and if you want a quick reference on what the best equipment in the game is, we have everything you need to know in our Hunter Raid equipment tier list.

The best equipment in Hunter Raid (S-Tier equipment)

Here are the best equipment options for all five slots. You can further enhance the stat boosts by enhancing the equipment.

Electric Guitar (Weapon)350% ATK increase
Hunter’s Coat (Body)50% HP increase
Tough Hunter’s Hunting Cap (Head)35% CRIT DMG increase
Hunter’s Battle Gloves (Hand)5.13% CRIT % increase
Hunter’s Boots (Foot)37 Accuracy increase

Hunter Raid A-Tier and below equipment

ABlack Chainsaw, Scissor Sword, Cutter Sword, Navy Coat, Brown Coat, Beige Coat, Tough Navy Hunting Cap, Tough Blue Hunting Cap, Tough Brown Hunting Cap, Black Battle Gloves, Navy Battle Gloves, Brown Battle Gloves, Navy Boots, Black Boots, Brown Boots
BMultipurpose Umbrella, Electric Keyboard, Power Spanner, Big Anchor, Hunter’s Jacket, White Brown Jacket, Navy Jacket, Brown Jacket, Hunter’s Hunting Cap, Navy Hunting Cap, Blue Hunting Cap, Brown Hunting Cap, Hunter’s Emblem Gloves, Blue Emblem Gloves, Black Emblem Gloves, Navy Emblem Gloves, Hunter’s High-Tops, Green High-Tops, Navy Sneakers, Blue Sneakers
CBig Hammer, Key Sword, Bayonet, Trenching Shovel, Hunter’s Vest, Navy Vest, Brown Vest, Green Vest, Hunter’s Cap, Navy Cap, Blue Cap, Green Cap, Hunter’s Fingerless Gloves, Red Fingerless Gloves, Black Fingerless Gloves, Navy Fingerless Gloves, Hunter’s Running Shoes, Black Running Shoes, Gray Running Shoes, Brown Running Shoes
DChinese Knife, Spiked Bat, Crowbar, Aluminum Bat, Hunter’s Clothes, Amateur Hunter’s Clothes, Apprentice Hunter’s Clothes, Weathered Hunter’s Clothes, Hunter’s Hat, Amateur Hunter’s Hat, Apprentice Hunter’s Hat, Weathered Hunter’s Hat, Hunter’s Gloves, Amateur Hunter’s Gloves, Apprentice Hunter’s Gloves, Weathered Hunter’s Gloves, Hunter’s Slippers, Amateur Hunter’s Slippers, Apprentice Hunter’s Slippers, Weathered Hunter’s Slippers

Those are the best equipment in Hunter Raid. Think a piece of equipment should be in a different tier? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Hunter Raid Tier List | The Best Equipment in Hunter Raid