Hot Summer Festival update arrives for Tower of God: New World

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A new update has arrived for the card game RPG Tower of God: New World, and it offers up new teammates, costumes, and events that offer special in-game rewards. 

For those who don’t know, Tower of God: New World sees you take control of a range of characters to ascend the titular Tower. You do this via a fast-paced battle system that utilises a unique Slot System. Its USP is that it powers up a particular “slot” rather than a specific character, which adds an unheralded layer of depth to battles.

As for this latest update, it’s titled Hot Summer Festival, and it more than lives up to that name. You can now choose from new teammates SSR+ [Thorn] Biole (Red element, Ranged) and SSR [Maniacal] Xia Xia (Red element, Supporter). There are also six costumes available for Biole, Xia Xia, Shibisu, Hatz, Ha Yuri, and Hwaryun.

There’s heaps of new content too, including Xia Xia’s Growth Mission. Once you obtain the character of SSR Xia Xia you’ll have 8 in-game missions to take on – complete these you’ll receive SSR Xia Xia one more time.

Then there’s the ‘Dangerous Vacation’ story event. Here you complete missions to receive rewards, and once all the missions are completed you nab Normal Summon Tickets (x21), SSR Soulstones, and much more besides.

There is also a Vacation Mission Event and a related Vacation Event Exchange Shop. In the former you complete missions and receive special in-game rewards, including Normal Summon Tickets (x21), SSR Soulstones, and more. The shop allows you to exchange items you’ve earned via story events for things such as the Shibisu Soulstone, Shibisu Costume, and Teammate Grade Enhancement Scroll.

You can download Tower of God: New World on Google Play and the App Store, with the PC version available from the Google Play Games Beta. To make sure you stay updated on future updates like the Hot Summer Festival you can join the game’s official Discord channel too.

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Hot Summer Festival update arrives for Tower of God: New World