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Free Fire Headshot Hack: 5 Tips to hit accurate headshots

Free Fire Headshot Hack: 5 Tips to hit accurate headshots
Garena Free Fire Headshot hack

Free Fire continues to be one of the leading mobile games in the battle royale genre. Since its launch, the game has gardened millions of active players. For that reason, the competitiveness level of the Free Fire is reaching new heights day by day.

If you’re a beginner at the game and want to become a professional Free Fire player, you should definitely focus on headshot accuracy. Headshots generally deal with more damage than body shots. Hence headshots are an effective way to dominate the enemies in Free Fire.

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Here we have some great tips and tricks to help you score more headshots in Free Fire.

Free Fire Hacks to get more Headshots

1) Use Correct Sensitivity Settings

Free Fire Best Sensitivity Settings For Headshot
Best Sensitivity settings for Garena Free Fire

To increase your headshot percentage, an accurate sensitivity plays a vital role. When you install Free Fire for the first time, the default sensitivity setting might not help you. Therefore adjust it according to your gameplay style or copy the below-listed settings, which are recommended for every Free Fire player:

  • General camera sensitivity: 50
  • Red dot sensitivity: 100
  • 2x scope sensitivity: 16
  • 4x scope sensitivity: 18
  • AWM scope sensitivity: 20

2) Fix your crosshair placement

Crosshair placement in Free Fire

Headshot accuracy majorly depends on your crosshair placement. Many beginners point their crosshair at the body level, which is a great blunder that you should avoid. Always keep the crosshair at the head level to get more headshots in Free Fire. If you are in close combats and your crosshair is at the right spot, you can instantly take down the enemies in a few bullets by hitting headshots.

3) Attach scope to the weapons

Use scopes in Free Fire

Using a scope on the weapon enables you to score headshots easily. Scopes in Free Fire are basically used to zoom the view and look at distant targets more easily. We recommend everyone to attach at least 4x scope on the sniper rifles and 2x scope on assault rifles.

One must also remember that weapon’s recoil will start increasing, depending on the level of scope.

4) Set Aim Precision to default

Aim precision in Free Fire

Aim Precision is one of the most useful features in Free Fire that helps players aim better. The option allows you to hit headshots automatically upon firing the weapon. Set the Aim Precision feature to Default by navigating to the Free Fire “Settings” option and then to the “Control” tab.

5) Play Training Grounds mode

Training Grounds in Free Fire

Free Fire has a special gameplay mode called Training Grounds, where players can practice and sharpen their skills. Make sure to proceed in the training grounds to exert your aim for at least 30 minutes.

Here are the steps to enter in Training mode:

  1. Open Free Fire on your phone.
  2. Click on the mode selection menu.
  3. Select the ‘Training Grounds‘ option.
  4. Hit Start to begin the match.

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Free Fire Headshot Hack: 5 Tips to hit accurate headshots


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