Top 5 Tips and Tricks to reach Grandmaster quickly in Free Fire

Free Fire rank up to Grandmaster

Free Fire’s Ranked Season 21 has recently commenced, which means every player has been demoted to a certain tier. Once again, it’s time for the players to grind for the topmost Grandmaster rank.

In a game with an enormous player base, it’s not an easy task to rank up and reach the highest tier quickly. As a result, many players get stuck into a specific tier and face various constraints while ranking up in Free Fire.

Hence, this article will share some of the infamous tips and tricks that many professional Free Fire players recommend to secure the Grandmaster rank.

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How to reach Grandmaster tier in Free Fire quickly?

Free Fire has a unique ranking system that features a total of seven tiers. The Top 300 players of each region will be placed in Grandmaster rank. Therefore one must require enough ranking points to reach Grandmaster rank.

1) Landing Spot

Landing in Free Fire

Choosing the best landing spot is essential while playing ranked mode in Free Fire. The more you survive, the faster you rank up in the game.

Thus make sure to drop far away from the decided flight path to avoid early elimination. On top of this, try to land on small houses and buildings to gain additional survival points.

2) Precise combination of weapons

Free Fire weapons

Once you land on the map, it’s time to pick up loot from the ground, including weapons. Weapon combinations play a crucial role while engaging in breathtaking fights. It’s highly recommended that every Free Fire player equip an Assault Rifle on the primary slot and SMG or Sniper Rifle on the secondary slot.

These combinations have the potential to conquer the mid to long-range combats easily and help to reach the Grandmaster tier quickly.

3) Carrying MedKit

Medkit in Free Fire

Firstaid or Medkit is one of the most important items that every player should carry before taking any fight. Health packs assist players in retrieving their lost health points during intense battles.

Apart from the Medkit, don’t forget to collect mushrooms from the ground. It passively regenerates a minimal amount of your health points which is very useful to heal minor injuries.

4) Correct Sensitivity

Free Fire Best Sensitivity Settings For Headshot
Free Fire Best Sensitivity

Fights in advanced tiers are relatively fast, and players have to be pretty good with their aim and reflexes to dominate their opponents. For this reason, it’s necessary to use the right sensitivity settings in Free Fire. Here’s our guide, which states the best sensitivity settings for Garena Free Fire.

5) Avoid playing with random players

Free Fire squad

There is a saying, “Teamwork is the key to success,” which also implies while playing Free Fire. Always try to play with your regular squad instead of matchmaking with random players. Many random squads will don’t listen to your calls as they generally don’t use the voice chat feature.

Eventually, there’s no coordination at all between you and your random teammates.

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Top 5 Tips and Tricks to reach Grandmaster quickly in Free Fire


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