Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is releasing next month in all regions on Nintendo Switch, PC and consoles, and it was being rumored that the game would be available at retail for consoles. Several things pointed at this retail release, but it seems like the game is only going to be available digitally on all formats.

A few hours ago, Square Enix confirmed on its Japanese website that Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will only be available digitally on all formats. Following this, retailer Play-Asia informed customers that the game will be a digital only release.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will be slightly different from other recent Final Fantasy re-releases, as the enhancements will be much more noticeable. The biggest changes are graphics, which have received some huge improvement that make them look a lot better than what they did in the original PlayStation release. These enhancements will also make the game look better than the PC version that has been released some time after the original game launched.

Graphics enhancements are only some of the improvements of the remaster. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will come with some additional gameplay features that are meant to make the game more enjoyable for newcomers, like Battle Assist options, which will allow players to restore HP, ATB Gauge and Limit Break, a Game Speed Boost and the ability to turn off random encounters.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered launches on Nintendo Switch as well as on PC, PS4, Xbox One on September 3rd.


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