The Light Pets in Terraria are used for generating light or simply as secondary characters that follow the players everywhere. In a game like Terraria where many locations have little to no light, the lights pets act as handy companions. The best part about Light Pets is that they don’t use the players’ mana nor any other cost.

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In this article, we will list every light pet in Terraria and how players can get them in-game.

List of All Light Pets in Terraria and How to Get Them

Here is a complete list of Light Pets in Terraria and how you can get them.

  • Suspicious Looking Eye
    • You can use the Suspicious Looking Tentacle item to summon the Suspicious Looking Eye.
    • You can get Suspicious Looking Tentacle item from moon lord Treasure Bag.
  • Wisp
    • You can use the Wisp in the Bottle item to summon the Wisp pet.
    • You can get the Wisp in a Bottle item by killing Armored Bones enemies.
  • Flickerwick
    • You can use the Creeper Egg item to summon the Flickerwick pet.
    • You can get the Creeper Egg item by killing Ogre enemies.

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  • Fairy
    • You can use the Fairy Bell item to summon the different coloured Fairy pets.
    • You can get the Fairy Bell via crafting.
      • Bell X 1
      • Pixie Dust X 1
      • Soul of Light X 1
      • Soul of Sight X 1
  • Shadow Orb
    • You can use the Shadow Orb light pet item to summon the different Shadow Orb.
    • You can get Shadow Orb deep in the Chasm and the Corrption area.
  • Magic Lantern
    • You can buy the Magic Lantern pet from the Skeleton Merchant.
  • Criimson Heart
    • You can use a Crimson Heart light pet item to summon the Crimson Heart.
    • You can get Crimson Heart from the Crimson area.
  • Jack ‘O Lantern
    • You can use the Pumpkiin Scented Candle item to summon the Jack ‘O Lantern light pet.
    • You can get the Pumpkiin Scented Candle item from Pumpking enemy.
    • Master Mode pet.
  • Toy Golem
    • Master Mode light pet.
    • You can use the Guardian Golem item to summon the Toy Golem light pet.
    • You can get the Guardian Golem pet by killing Golems.
  • Fairy princess
    • Master Mode pet.
    • You can use the Jewel of Light item to summon the Fairy Princess light pet.
    • You can get the Jewel of Light item by killing the Empress of Light boss.

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