How to Get Bait in Terraria

If you are a Terraria fan, for sure, you have thought about the fastest and most effective ways to get bait. It may seem not very easy. Still, we are here to stand by and help you get a deep understanding of what the bite is and how to get it to succeed in fishing.

In Terraria, you cannot fish without a particular group of items called “Bite.” A player must possess at least one bait item in their inventory while a fishing pole is cast. If they have none, they will not be able to catch anything. If you are fishing this way (with no baits), you will have no catches at all as there will be no “bites.” So, you need to reel in line with a catch on the hook: this is the only case when bait will be consumed. And vice versa, if you reel the line or cast it with no catch, then the bait will not be consumed. And even if you are lucky to reel in a fish, still, there is only a chance that your bait will disappear. Some of them will still stay yours.

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​Ways To Get Bait In Terraria

So, to fish successfully, you need to collect the items that will serve as bait. There are several types of bait. That is why you will need to get it in different ways:

  • Please use the Bug Net, Golden Bug Net, or Lavaproof Bug Net for catching such critters as worms, arthropods (including insects and scorpions), and snails. You can use them as bait. NB! The Truffle Worm can be considered to be unique because it is used for summoning Duke Fishron. It will be useless in ordinary fishing.
  • You can use only a Golden Bug Net or a Lavaproof Bug Net if you want to catch the Hell Butterfly, Magma Snail, or Lavafly. Once you use them as bait, they will allow you to fish in lava.
  • You can catch Pink, Green, and Blue bait while fishing.
  • If you complete the quests for the Angler NPC, you will acquire Journeyman Bait, Apprentice Bait, and Master Bait as rewards. Also, you can find them in crates.

To get bait, follow these steps, and you will succeed.

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