Yo-yos are a fun and tricky class of melee weapons in Terraria. The player can hold them out and move them around like controlled flails, and anything the yo-yo bounces off of will take damage. They’re one of the more creative weapons in the game, and today we’ll show you which yo-yos to go after in our Terraria yo-yo tier list with every yo-yo ranked!

S Tier

The Terrarian, the final yo-yo dropped by the Moon Lord, is unabashedly the best yo-yo in the game. It has 190 damage, 25 reach, and infinite duration. The Terrarian, while mid-air, will also launch green projectiles that seek out enemies for extra damage.

A Tier

  • The Eye of Cthulhu (115 damage, Mothron)
  • Kraken (95 damage, Hardmode Dungeon enemies)
  • Valkyrie Yoyo (70 damage, Expert Mode Treasure Bags)
  • Red’s Throw (70 damage, Expert Mode Treasure Bags)
  • Code 2 (54 damage, Traveling Merchant)

These yo-yos are probably your strongest options before the Terrarian. All of these yo-yos have infinite duration, which is probably the most aspect about yo-yos, as it allows you to hold them mid-air for as long as you want.

If you intend to battle Moon Lord with a yo-yo, you definitely want to farm the Solar Eclipse event after you’ve defeated all three mechanical bosses, as that causes Mothron to spawn during it, who drops The Eye of Cthulhu.

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B Tier

  • Yelets (60 damage, Hardmode Jungle enemies)
  • Gradient (49 damage, Skeleton Merchant)
  • Amarok (43 damage, Hardmode Snow enemies)
  • Hel-Fire (41 damage, Hardmode Cavern/Underworld enemies)
  • Format: C (39 damage, Skeleton Merchant)
  • Chik (39 damage, crafted)

The B-tier yo-yos are solid options, as most of them are available as soon as your world enters Hardmode. These yo-yos offer good damage and have decent duration, but you should move on up once you start taking down the mechanical bosses.

C Tier

  • Cascade (27 damage, Underworld enemies)
  • Valor (22 damage, Dungeon gold chests)
  • Code 1 (21 damage, Traveling Merchant)
  • Amazon (18 damage, crafted)
  • Artery (17 damage, crafted)
  • Malaise (16 damage, crafted)
  • Rally (14 damage, dropped by Crawdads, Giant Shellys, and Salamanders)
  • Wooden Yoyo (9 damage, crafted)

The C-tier yo-yos are your starting options, and they’re great for introducing you to the high-flying world of yo-yos. Most of them are fairly easy to get, with a couple of yo-yos being able to be crafted. With that said, as soon as you get into Hardmode, you’ll want to seek out one of the B-tier yo-yos as soon as possible for the big damage upgrade.

And there you have it: all yo-yos in Terraria ranked. We hope you have fun fighting with your yo-yo, and make sure not to forget your Yoyo Bag accessory! If you have any other tips or tricks about yo-yos, let us know in the comments below!

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