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Since you probably played this game for a while, you maybe wondered how you can find a clan in Durango: Wild Lands. Well, if that question has been through your mind (more than once) than in our article today we will tell you everything that you need to know in the Durango: Wild Lands clan guide!

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After playing the game for a while, you will be able to join other peoples’ clans as well as create your own. I suggest that if you are playing with some friends, then let that take priority over other players’ clans, but let’s take a closer look, shall we?

But before, don’t hesitate to take a look at some Durango gameplay, showing you 10 minutes of island exploring and fighting alongside pet dinosaurs:

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Durango: Wild Lands – What are clans?

The clans are a feature like in many other games which allows you to join other players and create a mini community of your own where you can help each other in game, and earn certain bonuses for sticking together. 

The clan function can be found in the menu (bottom left) then by selecting the Clan option. The clans are pretty difficult to find in game, as the only option is via the “Search” button, which (unlike in many other games) doesn’t show the available clans if you press search without writing anything.

Being part of a clan is extremely important because the game itself is a lot easier when played with other active players. You get a ton of boosts and bonuses too, so do your best to find that awesome clan ASAP!

Clan territory & Enclaves

The Enclave is basically your clan’s base: an island with a set number of plots of lands that your clan has unlocked based on their level. Your clan gets access to this once it reaches level 5.

The higher your clan’s level, the more territory it gets (up to level 25 clan – 72 Enclaves).

There, you can build various building that all clan members can use for crafting or just showing off.

Another important aspect of the Clan territory is that the other members will be on the same Tamed Island, so you will be allowed to visit their places as well.

This gives, above all things, a sense of community and really makes you feel that you’re part of a living entity, which is really cool in my opinion.

What are the Courier Warp Holes?

Once you level up enough (along with your clan) you will be able to occupy a Courier Warp Hole. These are located in Savage Islands, and each Courier Warp Hole can only be occupied by 1 clan at a time.

These Courier Warp Holes are used to transport the resources found on the Savage Islands. The resources you find there are high quality, but looking for them comes with a great risk, as the area is PvP. So make sure that you go there together with your clan mates and best dinos for added security!

Clan Alliances and Clan Wars

PvP is fortunately not force-fed to players who prefer a peaceful experience in the game and I really appreciate that. But if you want to test your prehistoric strength against other players, you can do so on the Savage Islands.

You can even start Clan Wars and fight against entire clans if you want to, or choose the more peaceful route and create an alliance with another clan.

The Alliance is basically 2 or more clans working together and not PvP’ing each other. The clans which are allied can use each others’ Courier Warp Holes without bad feelings, and the more you increase your clan’s level, the more alliances you can form.

Durango: Wild Lands – Clan perks

If you want to have a general overview of the Clan’s perks based on the clan’s level, here they are:

Clan level 1: Clan can have a maximum of 10 members and 2 Alliances.

Clan level 2: EXP Gain +5%.

Clan level 3: Clan can have a maximum of 15 members.

Clan level 4: When player sets sail and warps, the cost will be decreased by 10%.

Clan level 5: This is the key level, where your clan can declare an Enclave and claim Outposts. It will also increase the maximum number of members to 20 and unlock one extra Alliance slot.

Clan level 6: You will acquire Censer blueprints, and reduce the number of items you lose when you die by 20%.

Clan level 7: You will acquire Defense Tower blueprint.

Clan level 8: T-Stone acquisition increased by 10%.

Clan level 9: You will acquire Clan Storage blueprint.

Clan level 10: You will acquire Warp Hole Tuner blueprint and increase the maximum number of members to 30, as well as unlock 1 extra alliance slot. 

Clan level 11: You will acquire Collection Research Center blueprint.

Clan level 12: You will acquire Exploration Research Center blueprint.

Clan level 13: You will acquire Combat Research Center blueprint. 

Clan level 14: You will acquire Catapult blueprint.

Clan level 15: You will acquire Crafting Research Center blueprint and increase the maximum number of members to 40, as well as unlock 1 extra alliance slot. 

Clan level 16: You will acquire Advanced Research Center blueprint.

Clan level 17: You will acquire Clan Hall blueprint.

Clan level 18: Increase number of Enclaves to 51.

Clan level 19: Increase number of Enclaves to 54.

Clan level 20: Increase number of maximum players for a clan to 50 and unlock 1 extra alliance slot (57 Enclaves max).

Clan level 21: Maximum players for the clan increased to 51 and maximum number of Enclaves to 60.

Clan level 22: Maximum players for the clan increased to 52 and maximum number of Enclaves to 63.

Clan level 23: Maximum players for the clan increased to 53 and maximum number of Enclaves to 66.

Clan level 24: Maximum players for the clan increased to 54 and maximum number of Enclaves to 69.

Clan level 25: Maximum players for the clan increased to 55 and maximum number of Enclaves to 72, as well as last alliance slot unlocked.

How do Clans get Experience?

Simply having active members is enough for a clan to quickly grow and gain experience. Everything that you do in the game to give you XP points will also give your clan XP points. So the more active members there are in a clan, the faster it will grow to unlock all the goodies above.

Durango: Wild Lands – How to Promote Your Clan

Since most of us want a good and reliable clan to belong to, it’s best if we share our clan names right here below for the other players to find them much faster!

If you have a clan, and you want to promote it, then leave a comment down below with your clan name as well as any other details or requirements you feel must be shared.

If the players like your name or have been convinced by your clan promotion message below, then they can apply in game and together you can build an amazing enclave.

You might find some people advertising their clans in the global chat, but it is pretty difficult to find good ones there, given that the chats can sometimes be very random, so the message might get lost. 

This would be everything that we have for you in terms of clans in Durango Wild Lands. If you have any questions or additional tips and tricks to share, let us know! And don’t forget to promote your clan if you’re looking for new members!

Also, don’t forget to check out our other Durango: Wild Lands guides, such as the general beginner’s guide or our guide to taming animals. Or just look at our Durango hub for all the published articles about this game.

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Durango: Wild Lands: Clan Guide & Promote Your Clan Here

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