Durango Wild Lands Guide: How to Tame Animals / Dinosaurs


In our article today we are going to tell you exactly how to tame animals in Durango: Wild Lands and help you capture all of your favorite beasts and dinosaurs. At first, we’ve had quite some trouble trying to figure out the whole animal taming aspect of the game, as the instructions were not that clear. 

But if you are looking left and right for ways to capture animals and tame them in your pens, then we’ve got you covered! In this article you will find everything regarding the animals and how to tame them, including a full guide on how to tame your very first Zebraceratops! 

How to Tame the Zebraceratops in Durango

The game doesn’t go into much detail about this, other than the fact that you get a mission asking you to find Zebraceratops. Once you found them, you will have to tame them, and if you managed to do it in the first go, congratulations

Here’s some actual gameplay footage early on in the game, showing some fighting and exploring alongside a Zebraceratops:

But since you are here, it means that you’ve ran into the same issues as us! Here’s what you need to do to capture the dinosaur:


– Empty a few bag slots, you will need them.

– Allocate your Skill Points in Melee (to have some damage), Defense (to hopefully dodge as many hits as possible) and in Survival (Animal Taming) and make sure you are carrying any type of weapon.

– Rest and have your Health and Energy bars full.


– First, head on to an area with plenty Zebraceratops (like this one for example).

– Once you are there, you will have to start fighting with the animal, until it is about 50% HP. 

Stun the animal. Try the bashing attack, or just keep attacking until you get the message that it is stunned. Then, the button with the net on it shall not be grayed out anymore you can tap on it. 

– The animal might not get captured at first, due to the (still) high HP, but keep trying and do this without killing it. Keep stunning the animal as much as you can, and once its HP will drop, you will capture it. 

– If you happen to be too much for the poor dinosaur and send it to meet its maker, worry not! Start over and try with a new one. Maybe you’ll get lucky this time and capture it. So don’t give up, it might take a few tries.

Placing the Zebraceratops:

– Once you captured the dinosaur, you will have to place the Makeshift Taming Pen in order to start taming it. 

– Head on to your Tamed Island (teleport “To Waypoint”).

– Open your bag and the Makeshift Taming Pen should be in there. Place it on your property and then tap on Animal Handling. (Now you see why the bag slots were needed)

– Tap on the “+” and then on the box containing the Zebraceratops, then “Tame”.

This is going to place your captured animal in the pen and the process of taming will take 1 hour. Take this time to go around the island and start collecting materials necessary to craft a Basket.

I suggest that you place this Basket next to the Makeshift Taming Pen and store your fruit in there, because the Zebraceratops will need to eat sooner or later, and this is the quickest way to do it. 

By having a Basket full of fruit and other herbivore feed nearby (that you should constantly replenish), you will not carry those items in your bag with you all the time and just take them out whenever you want to feed it.

You can tame other animals too! 

After completing this first task, you can then do this with other animals. It will require EXP to level up the skill, but having just the very first skill point allocated here (Survival -> Animal Taming -> Capturing Quadruped Dinos I) will let you capture more than just the Zebraceratops! 

Having this skill will let you capture Protoceratops and Light Pink Protoceratops as well! Once you gained some experience in this field, you can then allocate more points and try to capture even more animals! It all depends on how involved you want to be with all the dino taming stuff in Durango: Wild Lands.

But at least you know the basics now and you shouldn’t have any trouble with taming animals in the game.

There’s a lot more to do, though, so make sure to keep an eye on our Durango Guides hub for all the articles you need to do well in this MMO!

Also, if you have any questions about the taming process in the game (or anything else, actually), let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

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Durango Wild Lands Guide: How to Tame Animals / Dinosaurs


    • It appears that you can’t feed your animals while in the taming pen… move the dinosaur to the Makeshift pen or simply summon it and feed it.

  1. what will happen if we don’t feed them, i know it’s to replenish their energy but other than that will they die, run away, can’t fight along or else.?I’m worried my dinos always starving because i can only play after i get back from work.. (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

    • From what I’ve studied, starving doesn’t effect their health. They’ll still stick around and be there but you can’t ride them and they won’t help in battle until they’re fed. Other than that they seem to act normal.

  2. When I try to tame one it says i have insufficient taming ability. How can I get more points so I can tame one? I didn’t get a taming pen either.

  3. I have a Megaloceros in a gaming pen. Says he’s an herbivore but he won’t eat proto porridge or raspberries when I try to feed it. Am I missing something?


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