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Durango: Wild Lands Cheats: Tips & Survival Guide

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to share with you everything you need to know to survive and thrive in Durango: Wild Lands. This guide has some Durango: Wild Lands tips and cheats to help you live a very peaceful life along with your pet dinosaur (yep, that’s right, pet dinosaur)! 

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Or not so peaceful, if you decide that PvP is your thing and you like to get medieval (or prehistoric?) with other players. The choice is yours!

So, are you ready to be blown away by this kinda peaceful yet post-apocalyptic game? Then let us guide you through the game, as well as things that you should and shouldn’t do in the game, because there are quite a few do‘s and don’ts in Durango!

So, are you ready? Then let’s dive right into our Durango: Wild Lands tips and tricks below!

BONUS: Check out some Durango Wild Lands gameplay below to put you in the right mood for dinosaur hunting:

[mv_video key=”hagppvr4okeokwht3brj” volume=”50″ aspectRatio=”true” title=”Durango Gameplay” thumbnail=”” doNotOptimizePlacement=”true” doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false”]Choose your starting character based on your preferred style of play

At the very beginning you will be presented with quite an interactive character selection interface, where you will have to select your starting character. There are a lot of characters which can excel at various stuff, from dealing more damage in combat to cooking, gathering and tailoring. 

All of these skills will be important when it comes to what you will have to do, so if you like fighting, then go for the soldiers. If you want to start with an advantage when it comes to gathering, go for gathering! You get the idea.

The truth is that the bonus early on won’t offer an insanely massive damage, as you will be able to get to level 20 in all skills relatively fast. But if you really want to have an advantage early on, choose the melee fighter or the character with added defense.

We’ll have a complete guide to characters posted soon, so make sure to check back often!

Try to get through the first quests ASAP

The start can be quite annoying, as the good part begins when you have claimed your own island and start doing quests on your own, without having to listen to K and her requirements. 

These quests won’t last too long, and I suggest that you progress through as quickly as you can. Also, K will pop a couple questions along the way, so here’s the answer to them:

– How would you craft an item with the Heated attribute? Answer: Cooking with a Bonfire.

– Which items have the Flammable attribute? Answer: Branch, Leaf. (notice she says items, plural)

When you go to a new island, explore everything

This is something that is not quite mandatory, but I found it very interesting as well as educative. It’s very good to know where you can find various materials, all throughout a map, because it will come in handy quite a lot later on in the game. 

Oh, and once you have completely found all the special locations from a new map, you will be rewarded with Silver, so it’s very good nonetheless.

I suggest that you explore and memorize as many of these useful locations as much as possible, because in some you will find Lavender, in others Eggs, so it’s good to know where you can collect some more special resources – you’ll most likely need them for a quest or another later on in the game.

Oh, and once you have managed to capture and tame your own Zebraceratops, then it will be easier to explore, because it will slightly boost your movement speed and you can walk around the map much faster (plus get an advantage in combat).

Take care of your pet

Speaking of which, make sure that you keep taming those dinosaurs and keep them well fed and happy, because they are extremely useful. Not only that you can ride them as mentioned above, but you can also use them to carry around a ton of extra items.

Wondering how the animal taming works in the game? Check out our complete guide for it – and come back soon for even more pet-dinosaur related guides!

Discover the Warp Holes and use them to move around the map

This goes hand in hand with my previous point, which refers to you discovering all of the objectives from a map. The Warp Holes will facilitate your transportation, and for a small fee of silver you can travel quickly between one end of an island to the other. 

I suggest that you discover as many of them as possible, because they will help you move around the map quicker than any other way. 

You don’t have to blindly explore the map for these important areas, either. Just tap the target-looking icon in the bottom right side of the screen and it will show you the direction toward the closest Warp Hole or Crater.

Stock up on basic materials

You should always pick up more than the required number of materials for crafting tools, such as Sticks, Branches, Stones, Stalk and so on, because they will be super useful to have in case your tool gets destroy mid-way through collecting something (like meat or bone for example).

I suggest that you do this, even if they take up some slots in your bag because you will thank yourself later when your items get destroyed, because you won’t have to go around looking for the materials to craft them!

These will also help you with at least some of the quest that you get from the Communication Center, which generally give you some pretty basic fetch and deliver missions.

Complete the Tasks to gather more Warp Gems

When you open the menu on the bottom left corner and you head onto Tasks, you will see several tabs filled with missions. The Daily Tasks are good because they help you level up and give you Silver, as well as Task Points – make sure to complete them each day!

The ones that I suggest you do immediately are the Achievements because they give you a lot of Warp Gems as rewards. There are other good ones, such as the Event tasks, so definitely check out the tab and start working towards these.

Don’t eat raw meat!

This should go without saying, but it’s something that you need to be very aware of. The raw meat and sea water are nothing but harmful (much like in reality) so don’t feed them to your character. 

The meats that you pick up can be used with a stick to make skewers and cook on a fire, so use this, even if the meat’s durability is slowly reducing. The moment you cook them, they will be good – so learn from Bear Grylls and put all of those meats that you pick to good use! Make skewers! 

Another thing you should keep in mind is that whenever you are near a river, you can drink potable water. This will be beneficial, unlike the sea water which will increase your fatigue when drank. Oh, and clean yourself whenever you are near a water source for the added bonus.

Craft many Baskets and keep them on your Tamed Island

This is something that you will most definitely find useful, no matter your experience gaming. Whenever you craft a Basket, you basically increase your inventory. The baskets can act as stashes, allowing you to store some items which you don’t need to carry around everywhere you go.

I suggest that you keep a Basket next to your Makeshift Taming Pen, one next to your Makeshift Workbench and one more just in case – store it wherever you like. My suggestion is that you have one for fruit, one for basic materials used for crafting and another one for other stuff, which you can just dump in to empty your inventory.

The fruit one should go next to the Makeshift Taming Pen, because you will have to feed your dino fruits (if it is a herbivore) so it will be way easier than having to walk around a lot looking for fruits.

Explore more areas

When you feel like you have finished with a map, then it’s about time you move on to the next one. Head on to the Harbor and find an island which you haven’t explored yet, pay the fee and off you go!

Expect other islands to have some new species of animals, so make sure you have some tools with you, as well as food.

Work on your Skills / Careers

Like in all RPGs out there, your character’s skill tree is extremely important and you have a ton of options here as well. Don’t rush to invest your skill points blindly into various specializations, but don’t wait for too long either as you can lose skill points if you reach the maximum you are allowed to hoard.

Early on, up to level 20 or even more, you can safely dump all the skill points that you have in all the areas that you have available, except for Melee and Ranged.

When it comes to the Melee Skill category, you should decide how to specialize your character: a single handed weapons master (you have multiple options here as well), two handed brute, a lancer to attack from a relatively safe distance or go crazy with Bare handed mastery.

This is up for you to choose, but I believe that focusing on Two-Handed and Lace are good options for the long term, since you have more skills to unlock here and those weapons generally do massive damage.

Alternately, if you want to take out enemies from afar, you should focus on the Ranged skill instead – but using bows becomes available a bit later in the game.

To make things somewhat easier (while also paradoxically complicating them a bit more), you have the Careers. These are basically guides for specific specializations in the game and basically guide you through the skills you have to invest in in order to achieve your goals. You also get solid rewards from completing the Career choices, so go for them.

However, have in mind that you don’t really have to go for this or that, as all options in the game are extremely useful. The only one that you really need to pay attention to is the combat-related stuff, since it affects the play style a lot.

Increase your standings with the Organizations

There are a bunch of Organizations in Durango, aka Factions. But they all love you and have quests for you, and you should do them over and over again in order to increase your standings with them and get great rewards.

You get the missions for the various Organizations that you unlock from the Communications Center and that should be your main focus early on: completing as many as possible, in order to increase your standings with them as much as possible.

As your Trust with them increases, you can request better items as rewards from them every now and then.

IMPORTANT: The game will show you by default the top tier rewards available, but make sure to check them all out and know what the previous tiers offer, as you can order anything from the top unlocked tier and below.

Join a clan!

Being part of a solid clan improves your game a lot – not only that you can make friends with the people in a clan and take on the massive bosses available in the open worlds of Durango Wild Lands, but you also get passive bonuses to help you progress faster.

Depending on your Clan’s level, you get extra XP, reduced costs when sailing and warping and later on unlock Enclaves and be part of a whole new area of gameplay there.

It’s difficult right now to find a solid clan, since you don’t have a way to see them listed – you have to search by name… so you’ll probably have to post in the chat that you’re looking for an active clan. We’ll also have an article here about clans, where leaders will be allowed to promote theirs, but until then the chat should do.

These would be all of our Durango: Wild Lands tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know any other tips for survival or want us to write about something in particular? Let us know by commenting below!

Also, make sure to check back often as we’re publishing a bunch of helpful guides and articles on our dedicated Durango page – it’s better when you have help!

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