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Disney Heroes Battle Mode: How to Make More Coins / Money Fast

Disney Heroes Battle Mode: How to Make More Coins / Money Fast

I don’t know about you, but Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is, for me, just like real life: I’m always out of money! It seems that as soon as you go up the levels, you will run out of coins regularly. So I’ve decided to write an article and share with you all the methods you should follow in the game to make more coins quickly.

The truth is that there are no real shortcuts and you have to be very active in the game in order to make the money you need. But if you are active – or at least focus on these money-making tips in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, you will be perfectly fine.

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Now that you have all this great knowledge, let’s get to today’s topic and let’s find out how to farm coins in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode and how to make more money fast in the game!

City Watch
This is, in my opinion, the best area in the game if you’re looking for making some really nice money fast. You can earn up to around 200,000 coins if you manage to complete this and the best part is that you can do it daily.

Start with the Normal Mode and grind on it until you get the hang of this game mode and start to constantly complete all the 5 areas. When you do, it means that you are ready to switch to the Hard mode which gives you more money but is, as the name suggests, more difficult.

I am level 45 at the moment and I am usually managing to complete the hard mode – and I was able to do so since level 43. But even if you don’t manage to get all the 5 areas cleared, if you are at least close you will still earn more money than you would by beating the Normal mode. Plus you get those disks that will help you a lot in the future.

So focus your attention on the City Watch and make sure to play it over and over again. This is the best source for making extra money in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode!

Creep Surge
Again, after mastering it, you can make quite some money here as well. The surge is also available each day and its main advantage is that you can hire a Mercenary to take into battle for each fight. In other words, you get a few more heroes to use and up to an extra attack this way.

Choose fights that are easy to win and make sure you win them! Try to win the fights with as few heroes as possible (3 or 4 is ideal) in order to make as many attacks as possible. The rewards per battle in the surge are really high so it should be the second best thing you do each day in the game.

Get free Diamonds & spend them on coins
Of course, you can pay cold cash for them if you can afford it, but even if you don’t, there are still options for you to earn some diamonds and spend them on getting extra money in the game.

In order to get the free diamonds, you should go to the Diamonds shop and scroll all the way to the right. There, you will have offers from Fyber and Tapjoy. Complete these offers (there are some easy ones that require you to install and play some games) and can earn over 1,000 diamonds this way.

Spend these diamonds on getting extra coins and you will have a small fortune to upgrade all your in-game characters and rule the world.

Buy credit cards from the markets
This is not something you will always be able to do, but definitely something to keep an eye out for. The credit cards can be sold in the Market for free coins and they are sometimes available in the various in-game markets.

Since the currency for purchasing in these in-game markets (like the Arena or Surge shop) is rewarded based on your activity, you’re basically getting them for free. So keep an eye on all the markets after each reset and, if you have the option, buy these cards and sell them in the Market for some quick free coins.

Complete the daily quests
Make sure that you complete all the daily quests, each day. Some of them will reward you some extra coins and even though the amount itself is small, anything extra is better than nothing.

Complete Campaign missions over and over again
This is a bit of a chore unless you have the raid tickets, but it’s also a great way for you to earn extra money. Simply spend all the energy you have on completing as many Normal campaign stages as possible.

There are two important things to consider here: the more advanced the stage you are completing, the more rewards you will get. Also, you will get free Stamina at various intervals throughout the day, which gives you more energy to complete even more campaign stages

If you can be very active, you’re looking at 180 free stamina per day which means 30 campaign stages and this alone can earn you around 100,000 coins each day.

Also, don’t forget about the Friend missions either. These give you items and some money too, so complete a few of these missions each day as well!

Do NOT sell your items!
There is an option for you to sell your unneeded items for some extra money, but I would strongly advice you against doing this – at least not until you are 100% sure you know what you’re doing.

The thing with these items is that you’ll need them to enhance your heroes’ equipped items and make them stronger. Therefore, you should always have a bunch saved up.

But eventually – especially if you are extremely active – you will have a lot of these items saved and good to be sold. You might even end up having a ton of XP drinks that you might never need. Just make sure that if you sell them, you’re doing the right thing and you won’t regret it later when you will have no items to enhance your heroes with.

The port
Every Sunday and every other day during the week, The Warehouse is open in the Port and you can complete battles there each day in order to earn credit cards which can be turned into money. Make sure that you do it whenever you have the chance – and also adjust the difficulty of the battles as you go up the levels in order to gain more from each fight.

These would be our recommended methods for farming coins in Disney Heroes Battle Mode. If you can be extremely active in the game each day, you will be able to earn a lot of money without breaking a sweat.

If you have other methods that we didn’t cover, let us know by sharing your comment in the comments section below.

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Disney Heroes Battle Mode: How to Make More Coins / Money Fast


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