Disney Heroes: Battle Mode – Best Characters in the Game & Best Team Setup

After finding out how to unlock more characters in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, it’s time to put them to good use and today’s article will help you with that. We’re going to talk about the best characters in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, as well as the best team setup in order to keep winning everything.

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The interesting thing about the heroes available in this game is that some might be weaker in certain circumstances, but extremely useful in others. We’re going to try and cover that all in today’s article and hopefully you’ll have a better understanding of the in-game heroes afterwards.

Before we go more in-depth with this guide, it’s best to make sure that we understand the basics and how heroes work in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.

Each character has a different role in the game and you can’t compare a character with one role with a character with another since they have different uses during a battle. The roles are:

Tanks: they have huge health but usually deal lower damage. They stay up front and suck up most of the damage.

Damage: They are feeble, but deal a ton of damage. They are extremely useful in a team and basically the ones that win your tough battles.

Support: Just as the name suggests, these are heroes that support your team by healing or shielding them.

Control: Heroes that debilitate others somehow by freezing them, stunning them and so on.

Apart from these roles, each hero has a specific position that they take in the game: front, middle or back. The front heroes are the ones that take more damage, while the ones at the back are safer. So for example, having a Damage hero up front usually makes them useless.

In order to find out all the details about your hero (such as their role, position and more), you can tap a hero then the “Detailed Stats” button in the Stats page:

Now that we completely understand how each hero works, let’s find out which are the best of the best to use in the game!

Unfortunately, it’s not very easy to choose the winners because there are two important factors influencing this: first, the type of heroes that you have unlocked and second the type of mission that you play.

Let’s take Yax for example, which is a hero that everybody unlocks by default. He is extremely useful in City Watch missions, for example, but not as useful in regular Campaign battles or the Arena.

But we’ll still try to recommend general heroes that you should focus on depending on their role.

Best tank in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Sulley & Boo

Absolutely insane Health, he’s the ultimate tank in the game. He deals decent damage too and it’s a really, really good hero overall. One of the best in the game at the moment of writing this.

Chief Bogo

Another really good Tank with Control characteristics. Good health and damage, while his skills are extremely useful. Under the right circumstances, he might be a better choice that Sulley.

Best Support in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode


By far the best support in the game with amazing skills. Even though she is extremely low on health, her final three skills are absolutely amazing. Best for Arena and battles that you must win fast.


The starting character, he’s easy to farm and level up. He’s the healer of the game and even though he needs quite some time to charge his skill, he is extremely useful in the right type of missions, especially the City Watch since he can keep your other heroes alive for longer.

Best Damage hero in the game

Update: I have actually realized, after extensive playing, that Jessie is the best damage hero in the game. I have created an article dedicated to her here – you must check it out to find out more about this amazing hero for any game mode!

Nick Wilde

A truly amazing hero, albeit a bit slow. He builds up for a lot of damage dealing as you go through the stages of a fight, meaning that he’s not just as useful in short battles. However, the ability to turn a hero against their own team and the stacking Lemmings are really big and useful!


Difficult to choose a second placed here because there are many great options. However, Vanellope is easy to farm and star up and her skills are aimed directly at dealing pure damage to her enemies. A good pick!

Best Control Heroes in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode


I find Control heroes to be the weakest in the game, but Wall-E is definitely one of the best overall. The fact that he gives his teammates extra energy and uses amazing other skills makes him extremely useful in short battles. Plus… look at that face!

Building the perfect team in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

There are so many variables that you should consider when deciding to build a super team in the game that it is difficult to just tell you “pick these 5 heroes and you’re set”.

Just as with everything in this game it depends upon the type of battle you’re playing and the characters you have unlocked (and their skills). However, it is usually a good idea to build a team following this pattern:

1 strong tank up front (like Sulley), 2 Damage Heroes and either a Support/Control pair or a Support/Damage pair to keep things extremely interesting.

Hopefully this helps you at least a little bit and you know now what heroes to focus on improving and using in your battles in order to have an easier life in the game and perform much better.

And if you want to check out even more tips and tricks to improve your game, we have them neatly arranged in this article.

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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode – Best Characters in the Game & Best Team Setup

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