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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Build the Perfect Team

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Build the Perfect Team
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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a brand new mobile RPG game that sends beloved Disney characters to battle their glitched clones. And we’re here to help you do a great job by sharing some Disney Heroes: Battle Mode cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide.

With over 25 characters to choose from and a ton of features that you will unlock as you go up the levels, there are lots of things to do in the game and if you need any help, we’re here to provide it. So without further ado, here are some useful Disney Heroes: Battle Mode tips and tricks.

Upgrade the Hero Skills
One of the most important things to upgrade when it comes to making your characters better is the Skills area. These greatly increase their power and make them a lot more useful in all types of battles.

You unlock extra skills for your heroes as you reach certain ranks by promoting them and even though the prices to level up those skills seem low at first, they do add up so a bit of planning is required.

Max out your best heroes first (usually the rarest ones), then work your way to the others, but make sure to have extra skill points invested in all your first team heroes in order to stand a chance in the various battles you’ll have to fight.

Work on Badges for Promotions
Another extremely important element is the Badges system. Collecting these items and completing the sets allows you to level up your Heroes, and this is exactly what you should do.

In this case, I recommend working on a character at a time since it makes everything easier to follow. Start with your best characters and work your way down when it comes to collecting badges and promoting.

Always work on getting all the badges you can for your main team members, then try to move farther in the campaign in order to unlock the required items for creating badges. This way, you will always be in top shape with all the heroes in your team.

Get the Daily Deals if you afford them
If you afford to put in some real money into the game, it’s worth getting the Daily Deals for 30 or 90 days (if you also believe you will play constantly during this time).

If you get the 90 days deal, you will unlock VIP 4 in the game which comes with a bunch of amazing advantages, out of which the most important are 10x Raids, Fast Forward and Auto fighting and extra Diamonds for new purchases. Plus, you will get a ton of Diamonds in the long run, as well as Raid tickets to help you waste as little time as possible in the game.

Ignore the Elite campaigns early on
The Elite campaigns are great for farming character shards to either level up your existing heroes or getting new ones, but the fact that each mission costs 12 energy, makes them a big no no for beginners.

Instead of going for the Elite campaigns early on, focus on completing as many regular Campaign missions as possible and get the badges to upgrade your existing heroes. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to start working on the Elite campaigns until they reach Chapter 5 and their heroes are in a really good shape.

Join an active Guild ASAP
Being part in an active guild is extremely important because this comes with a ton of amazing benefits. You can check it daily for great free rewards, you get extra crates and goodies in the store, you unlock new perks and compete in the Guild-specific missions.

You can only join a guild once you reach level 15, but do so as soon as you are there. Once you have joined a Guild, spend a couple of days there to make sure that it is really active – if not, switch to a new one until you find a great guild that will help you move forward.

Pay attention to the damage your heroes deal!
All heroes deal regular/normal damage, but some also deal Fantastic damage. This damage type is extremely important (and usually only done via Skill moves) as some enemies are resistant to normal damage.

Check out the stats of your Heroes and know what type of damage each of them deals in order to better prepare for the various challenges in the game, such as the Port battles, specific campaign missions and so on.

How to unlock new Heroes
Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is one of the unfriendliest games I’ve seen when it comes to unlocking new heroes for free, at least early on.

For a while, your only chance at getting new heroes is by purchasing the Diamond crate, but I would honestly recommend sticking to the free ones you get each day and wait until you have 2,590 Diamonds to get the 10 pack of Diamond crates. This won’t take that long if you are get the Daily Deals subscription.

You can also get some character shards by unlocking the various crates in other areas of the game, from the various shops or by completing Elite stages in the campaign.

Log in at the right times during the day
There are some goodies waiting for you if you log in to the game at the right time of the day. For example, if you log it an 12 PM, 6 PM and/or 9 PM, you will be rewarded with free stamina and a Market refresh for new items. Try to get online as often as possible because the free energy is great for your progress!

Keep the eye on the Stores
There are various stores in the game and you should check them out in case there are some useful items there. I personally would recommend you to stay away from the regular market since spending regular coins there is usually a waste of money as you can get all those items via campaign missions (which are free, while the coins will be needed to upgrade your characters).

But the other markets, like the Arena Shop, Guild Shop and so on will usually have some really great goodies that you can get and put to good use. Look there for character shards!

Sell the items you don’t need
After playing for a while, your inventory will be full of items you no longer need. These items can be turned into regular coins and you should do that every now and then to give your treasury a boost.

Simply check out your inventory and tap the items you have a ton of, then sell most of them. It’s a good idea to keep 4-5 of each item in case you unlock a new character or need them for crafting new badges.

Play regularly to unlock all features
The more you play and the higher your level, the more features you unlock. So be active, play each day and you will be rewarded greatly.

Getting all the way to level 44 to unlock the final feature of the game – the Coliseum – seems like a long way ahead when you first start playing, but if you are active enough, you will see that it’s not that difficult to get there relatively fast. And it’s totally worth it!

These would be, for now, our Disney Heroes: Battle Mode tips and tricks. We’ll have more articles covering the various parts of the game in the future, so make sure to check back often for more Disney Heroes: Battle Mode greatness.

Also, if you have some tips and tricks of your own, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below. The same goes for any questions – ask them away and maybe somebody will be able to answer!

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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Build the Perfect Team


    • If you get the Daily Deal, you will receive the indicated number of Diamonds and Raid Tickets every day (But you lose them if you don’t log in to collect).

      You are charged once, but receive the rewards for the number of days you have purchased it (30 days, 90 days etc).

  1. Just a note: don’t sell items you don’t need, use them for Enhancements. If you have 50 of a certain item, awesome! You can “enhance” your badges equipped to your characters and make Mr. Incredible even more incredible


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