Disney Heroes Battle Mode is one of the best games released this week on mobile and we absolutely love playing it – just as much as we love trying to unlock all the characters in the game as fast as possible.

And today, we’re going to share with you exactly that: a guide on how to unlock all characters in Disney Heroes Battle Mode and do it as fast as possible. This guide will also help you star up your players, by sharing tips and trick on how to get more character shards.

In case you need more generic tips and tricks for the game, we’ve written some in our guide here. If you want to find out more about the game, we have an article here as well.

Now let’s get to business and let’s find out how to get more heroes in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode:

Farm them in the Elite campaign
The Elite campaign is an easy way to either unlock new characters in the game or star up existing ones. You can complete each Elite campaign three times per day, but you have a chance of winning at least 1 character token from this.

The good part about the Elite campaign is that it usually focuses on a specific character, which is good for the long run. For example, Chapter 1 gives you a lot of opportunities to unlock or star up Dash, Chapter 2 focuses on Finnick chips and so on.

Focus on one hero at a time and farm them in the Elite Campaign!

Log in Daily
Logging in at least once per day allows you to collect the daily rewards, which sometime include character shards/chips. So make sure that you do log in each day, even though it appears that right now you’re an at advantage if you are a VIP in terms of getting more characters from the logins.

Get them in Various Crates
There are four crate types in the game at the moment: the regular, Gold Crate, Diamond Crate, Guild Crate and VIP Crate.

Each of these crates can hold heroes or at least hero shards and the golden rule of thumb here is that if you buy in bulk you get better rewards. So raise enough money to get your first set of 10 Diamond Crates for at least a guaranteed hero (I got 2, plus some other hero chips) and in the mean time focus on getting the free ones.

Keep an eye on the stores
Another amazing place where you can find all sorts of extremely useful character shards are the various markets in the game (the regular Market, the Arena Shop, the Surge Shop etc). Here, you will often find amazing character shards that can be purchased basically for free.

All you need to do is to be active and perform well in the game in order to grab rewards which can in turn be spent on various items in these shops, or on getting more character shards which lead to unlocking new heroes in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.

I would recommend to focus on unlocking more heroes first in order to have where to choose from when it comes to battling the Arena and other places, as well as for an easier run in most of the other places in the game, from the Trials to the Surge, City Watch and so on.

And this is it! You know now how to unlock more heroes in Disney Heroes Battle Mode and do it faster than the rest. It definitely helps if you spend real money in the game, but if you’re a bit patient and very active, you will eventually unlock these heroes and you’ll be able to build them into perfect teams.

If you have other tips on getting more character shards easily in this game, please share them with the world by commenting below.


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