Welcome to Digital City, the place where all pixels meet up. Even your favorite Disney heroes have come to hang out, but an evil force is bent on crashing the party! A nasty virus has corrupted former allies and friends, turning them into vicious enemies! It’s up to you and your Disney friends to save the day in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode!

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is an action RPG where you’ll recruit and battle it out with over 25 iconic Disney heroes, including the Incredibles, Wreck-It Ralph, Buzz Lightyear, Captain Jack Sparrow, Judy Hopps, Wall-E, and more!

Your heroes will battle enemies automatically, and as they fight they’ll generate energy. Unleash awesome special attacks once their energy is full and watch the glitched enemies cower in fear! Power up your heroes, explore the city, and save the internet!

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Disney heroes cross over into one big mash up, but this is certainly one of the most impressive visions! The action RPG genre lends itself to some interesting game play mechanics, and there’s some strategy involved too!

The game even takes some nods from popular strategy games, like Nintendo’s Fire Emblem franchise. If you pair certain characters together, you can let them talk for some funny and interesting conversations! If you’re a Disney fan, you’ll probably get a kick out of watching all these heroes interact.

Don’t wait, Digital City needs you! Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Don’t forget to check out our Disney Heroes: Battle mode strategy guide while you’re at it!


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