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Digimon ReArise: How to Reroll and Is It Worth It to Reroll?

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to take a look at rerolling in Digimon ReArise and along with you, we will decide if it is worth it to reroll or not!

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Well, there are quite a lot of Digimon here in the game and if you would like to know how to unlock more, but also how to get the best ones, then we’re here to help you out a little bit by creating a reroll guide for Digimon ReArise! Take a look at our game guide firstly so that you can learn all the tips and tricks that we have prepared for you!

If you are a little bit confused about what rerolling is, then let me go detail that for you a little bit so that you will better understand what we are about to dive into:

Digimon ReArise – What is rerolling?

Rerolling in pretty much any game which features a gacha system is summoning over and over again using preferably the free summons available, which are going to cost nothing, but you might have to keep re-playing or re-doing certain stages of the game in order to reroll.

To reroll in Digimon ReArise basically means that you will have to take advantage of the free 10+1 summon which you get at the beginning and try to get some Digimon which are powerful all throughout the game for various reasons, and also try to get them for free because that is way better than spending tons of currency and trying to get them later on when you can’t pass the stages anymore.

Digimon ReArise – Quality of the Digimon orbs?

Now you need to know that each Digimon that you summon can have a certain quality, and depending on the color of the orbs, they can be either super strong or slightly weaker. These are the qualities of Digimon that you can summon and find all throughout the game:

Blue Orbs (when you summon, the orbs that appear are blue): Those are the most basic ones, and they will reward you with Rookie Digimon, which can be evolved and improved to Champion, and then to Ultimate.

Golden Orbs (when you summon, the orbs that you get are golden / orange colored): They are better than the Blue Orbs which give Rookie Digimon, and they can be evolved to Ultimate.

Rainbow Orbs (when you summon, the orbs that you get are rainbow colored): There are two possibilities for the Digimon you can get here: first, you can get a Champion Digimon which can be upgraded to Ultimate and then to Mega, or secondly, you can get an Ultimate Digimon which can be upgraded to Mega. The latter is better of course, because it will save you tons of evolving materials.

Digimon ReArise – How to reroll?

In the game there are two times when it is best to try and do the reroll, and in my opinion if you have the patience and time, you should always go for the latter as that one might help guarantee you some better stuff (or at least increase the chance for them). You should always try to get the Rainbow Orbs, because they obviously contain better Digimon.

Digimon ReArise – The 10 + 1 Beginner Summon:

This summon is available from the very beginning of the game and it will offer you 11 summons for free, which is going to be your very first interaction. Since you will have a chance to get some Rainbow Orbs when summoning here, it’s even better if you manage to pull a few good ones because they are free and will help you from the very beginning.

Digimon ReArise – The Step Up Summon:

This summon requires you to play a little bit more, because it costs DigiRubies so you will need to farm a little if you are a f2p player. This summon will give you a guaranteed WarGreymon, and also increase the Rainbow summon rate by 1.5!

You can reroll after you have done the 10+1 Beginner Summon, if the Digimon you got from that are not really exceptional, or if you are looking for a particular one, because that one is the fastest. It will still take quite a bit of time, no doubt about that, but it is faster than waiting to collect a lot of DigiRubies to complete the Step Up Summon.

Now let’s say that you don’t want to reroll now, but after the Step Up summon – that is OK, because from this you will pull a total of 31 Digimon, but you will have to save up 570 DigiRubies to summon all of them.

If you still haven’t got any good heroes after both of these summons, I would say it is time to reroll!

How to reroll:

The reroll process is pretty simple I would say – all that you need to do is reset the game and start over! It’s going to take you through all the tutorials and so on, but at the end of the day if you manage to get some good heroes from the beginner 10+1 summon, no matter what you get from the Step Up Summon it’s going to be good!

How to reroll on Android:

In order to reroll on an Android device, you will have to head on to the Settings menu (the cog icon) -> select the Apps option (you have to see the complete list of Apps on your device) -> select DigimonReA (or however the game appears on your device – might be DigimonReArise) -> select Storage (or App Details / Data, depends how it appears on your device) -> Data -> Clear Data!

**DO NOT CLEAR CACHE! Data is enough.

How to reroll on iOS:

The rerolling here is slightly easier, as all you have to do is Uninstall the app and then reinstall it once more. You can also work to reroll on an Android device and then select to transfer account onto your iOS, but I think that is way more time consuming.

Digimon ReArise – What Digimon to get from rerolling?

Now that you know how to reroll, let’s see when it is time to reroll! The Digimon you should be looking for should be one of these, which are some of the best heroes in the game at the moment and they will help you get through the stages easily:

Minervamon – very good AoE and it will help you clear both PvE and PvP content alike.

HiAndromon – it’s got a powerful Defensive buff, which will help your team no matter which Digimon you will get. It will also provide a useful Paralyze buff, which is very good for PvP (alongside the DEF buff).

WarGreymon – this one you will get guaranteed from the Step Up Summon at stage 5, so if you don’t get him before that, it’s really not a problem since you will get him anyway eventually.

AeroVeedramon – it’s a good Digimon which gives a very powerful Defense debuff, and also has quite decent damage. (I suggest to get AeroVeedramon + HiAndromon / Minervamon and WarGreymon from the Step Up Summon, but not only AeroVeedramon alone)

Other useful Digimon which you can look to get alongside those mentioned above: Seadramon (upgrades to WaruSeadramon), Frigimon (upgrades to Pandamon), Andromon (upgrades to HiAndromon), BlackGatomon (upgrades to LadyDevimon).

Digimon ReArise – Is it worth to reroll?

If you are a hardcore player and if you want to go through the game’s content with ease, and want to form the ultimate team, then yes – it is worth to reroll. However, if you are a casual player and don’t really care much for which Digimon you get but only want to get some which you like, then don’t bother with rerolling because it can become quite time consuming!

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a couple of articles which should better help you find the best Digimon for every scenarion – from the best PvP team formation, to the best Mega Digimon and the best Ultimate & non-Mega Digimon, you can check out everything!

Oh, and if you already have some pretty decent Digimon, you can learn how to Digivolve them by reading our Diviolution guide!

These would be all of our tips for the Digimon ReArise rerolling and reroll guide! Which heroes do you like most? I definitely like BlackGatomon quite a lot, even though it’s not all that strong to take on all the enemies alone! Let us know down in the comments section below!

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