Digimon ReArise Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Build The Ultimate Team

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Digimon ReArise is finally here, so rejoice Digimon Tamers around the world! Embark on a journey back into the Digital World alongside a mysterious Digimon who you befriend. Corrupt entities known as “spirals” are wreaking havoc among the Digital World, and it is up to you and your new friends to save the day!

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In our Digimon ReArise tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics and nuances of the battle system and team building mechanics. There is a lot to cover here, so let’s get started with our Digimon ReArise cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to build the ultimate team!

Play through the Main Story!

In the Main Story stages, you will partner up with Herissmon on your journey to find out where the corrupted “Spiral” entities are coming from. Try to play through the Main Story as soon as you can, as you will unlock essential options and modes when you complete certain stages.

As you enjoy the story, not only will you unlock training modes and special stages, but you will also get a lot of bits and DigiRubies. Playing through the Main Story should be your first priority!

Keep your Digimon well fed!

When you have a Digimon in DigiCare, they will show up in your DigiTown main home screen. They will walk around and you can tap on them to see their current mood and detailed stats. If you have some food, this is also where you can feed your Digimon and improve their mood.

You can feed Digimon anything, but each one has their own favorite foods, and those increase their mood and bond faster. You should always try to keep your main team Digimon well fed, as happier Digimon land critical hits more often and you also get more rewards for completing a stage.

If you need to improve a Digimon’s bond faster to Digivolve them, feeding them their favorite food is a great way to do it.

Complete the Beginning of Adventure Challenge for goodies!

In celebration of the Digimon ReArise’s launch, there is a special set of challenges aimed at helping newbies understand all of the mechanics of the game. You can access the challenge list from the DigiTown main menu.

The BoA Challenge consists of 3 steps with 6 challenges in each step. Each challenge will ask you to do things like level up your Digimon, train them, feed them, and so forth. Completing a challenge will net you a small reward.

However, if you complete a full set of challenges, you will earn a Super DGV-Code, which is a very rare evolution material. You will need these things later down the line, and you can get a grand total of three of them if you manage to complete all three sets. You have until the end of October to do this, so get to it!

Complete the daily missions!

In addition to the Beginning of Adventure Challenge set, Digimon ReArise also features the standard mission/achievement system that rewards you with goodies should you fulfill certain challenges.

There are four categories: daily, weekly, total, and special. Daily missions cycle out every day, whereas weekly missions cycle out every week. Total missions are the milestone missions, and act more like achievements. Special missions include specific missions.

The daily missions are the ones that you should aim to complete every day. If you manage to complete all of them you will earn 10 DigiRubies for your troubles, which is the premium currency you need to summon powerful Digimon.

Understand the Digimon Personalities!

In Digimon ReArise, you may have noticed that each Digimon has a colored background in their portrait. This color corresponds to their personality, and personalities influence stat growth. The same Digimon can have different personalities, and they are treated as different entities.

Here is a guide on the different personalities:

  • BRAVE Digimon have high attack power and use PWR-type attacks.
  • CALM Digimon have high attack power and use TEC-type attacks.
  • DEFT Digimon have balanced stats and can use either PWR or TEC-type attacks.
  • TENACIOUS Digimon have have defense power and can use PWR-type attacks.
  • DEVOTED Digimon have support skills to help the team out and use TEC-type attacks.

The difference between PWR and TEC attacks is that they can target different Digimon, and it also influences what types of Plugins they can equip. Consider this when you are building your team.

Train your Digimon to become stronger!

Powering up your Digimon is quite the lengthy process, and while the game goes over most of the basics you need to know, we will recap and include some details you may have missed.

The first thing you want to do is “Upgrade” your Digimon. Here you can spend bits, the main currency of the game, to level up your Digimon. Digimon do not level up normally from battles, so you will need to manually upgrade them here. Level them up until they hit their maximum level.

Second, you can start having them workout in the “Workout / Awakening” section. Each Digimon has six workout slots, and you need specific workout chips to fill each slot. Once you fill all six slots and the Digimon is at maximum level, you can awaken them which permanently increases their stats and raises their maximum level cap.

Third, you can “Skill Upgrade” to increase the power of your Digimon’s skills. To level up skills, you must have an extra copy of the Digimon you want to improve.

The game is very picky about this – the copy Digimon MUST have the same evolution chain AND the same personality, otherwise it will not count as a copy. Alternatively, you can use a Skill Stone, but those are rare and you will not get them until later.

Last but definitely not least is the all-powerful “Digivolve”. If a Digimon’s bond and level are maxed out and you have the right DGV-Codes, you can perform a Digivolve. The Digimon evolves into a new form, and its stats get a huge boost.

Where to get all of those materials?

You may be wondering where to get all of the materials you need for enhancing your Digimon. Well, look no further! Bits are gained from completing just about anything in the game, whether that’s Main Story levels, challenge levels, or missions.

Workout chips are dropped in the Main Story levels, but you can also find more of them in the “Dimensional Vortex”. True to its name, the Dimensional Vortex is an ever-changing group of levels that drop specific items.

There are vortexes that drop food, ones that drop bits, and most importantly ones that drop workout chips. There is a vortex for each type of workout chip, so double check what you need and wait until the appropriate vortex opens up.

The vortex cycles out its levels at different intervals, so go into it and check which one you need, then see when it opens.

Get DGV-Codes from Clash Battles!

Clash Battles are raid battles where you team up with other Tamers to take down powerful Digimon. You can challenge different levels of Clash Battles each with its own rewards. Clash Battles are a necessity because they are the main way of getting DGV-Codes, the material needed for Digivolving.

You can start your own Clash Battle, or you can search for ones in progress. You can help other Tamers in need and you will earn support points for doing so. Check the rewards to see if the codes you need are available.

If you tap on the Details button, the game will give you a heads up of the Digimon you must fight. We recommend checking the details out to prepare your team sufficiently.

Beware of status effects!

Before you head into a level, you may have noticed that each level has a warning that says, “Beware of ___”. This indicates that you will see many spirals in that level that can inflict that status effect.

Status effects in Digimon ReArise can be extremely detrimental in the later levels, so while you can safely ignore them early on, you may have to start actively planning around them later. Here’s a list of status effects you will have to deal with:

  • Shock / Paralysis / Stun / Sleep prevents Digimon from using regular attacks and skills for a set number of turns.
  • Freeze encases the affected Digimon in a block of ice. In this state they are effectively invincible, as they cannot do anything or be targeted by anyone, unless the action in question unfreezes them.
  • Poison / Burn / Error causes a Digimon to take gradual damage over time.
  • Skill Lock locks main and sub skills, preventing use. Passive skill is unaffected.
  • Blind prevents the use of normal attack and counters and reduces the accuracy of skills.

When a Clash Battle Digimon inflicts a status effect, you should DEFINITELY not ignore the warning and prepare to mitigate the effects.

Devoted-type Digimon tend to have support skills that can heal and prevent status effects. Certain types of Digimon also can be completely immune to certain effects as well.

Complete the Step-Up Summon!

As another launch event, there is a special banner in the Summon menu. The “Step-Up Summon” is a special one-time summon.

The first summon costs 50 DigiRubies, and you will get a bonus Skill Stone. Each consecutive step costs more DigiRubies, but you will get more bonuses. Once you get to Step 5, you will perform a x11 summon that costs 200 DigiRubies.

You have a higher chance of getting a high rarity summon, and you are guaranteed a WayGreymon Chain. You have until the end of October to complete the Step-Up Summon.

And that is all for our Digivolving adventure! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Digimon ReArise Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Build The Ultimate Team

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