Digimon ReArise: How to Build the Perfect Team for PvP

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Now that we have covered several topics about Digimon ReArise, we are here to help you in creating the perfect team for PvP in Digimon ReArise and help you get some Digimon which, even if they are not particularly good in PvE, they are shining on the PvP fields!

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So make sure that you check out our Digimon ReArise rerolling guide and learn how to reroll so that you can try to get some of these characters and put them in your PvP team to become one of the best! Also, take a look at the Digimon ReArise game guide to learn all the tips and tricks that we have got!

But first, let’s go through some questions and cover some subjects that you might want to know more about:

Digimon ReArise – What is PvP and is it worth it?

PvP is where players fight other players (not face to face, but rather with their team of 5 Digimon) and always try to get better and more powerful, to prove they are the strongest. PvP battles are fought in the Battle Park and there you will have the opportunity to improve your rank the more you fight and win, and also claim tons of rewards for your hard battles.

By fighting more you will unlock newer and better rewards and you will be able to claim a lot of DigiRubies and other seasonal rewards which are definitely worth it.

No matter where you are placed when the season is over, you will be able to claim some rewards which usually are DigiRubies and BP Medals, which you can spend in the Shop to buy various useful items.

In conclusion: PvP is super important – probably as important as PvE if you may, because it will reward you with various goods and no matter where you rank, assuming that you have at least joined PvP, you will receive rewards, even they are are not plenty (if you rank low). So PvP is definitely worth it!

Digimon ReArise – Digimon PvP Best Heroes:

The best Digimon that you can have for PvP will be listed here below, so let’s see which are some of the best Digimon for PvP:

HiAndromon & Andromon

– This Digimon will have a useful DEF buff for the whole team and AoE attack which is very good for PvP purposes, even if just to buff the rest of the team. it will also be able to inflict Shock on the enemy which will make them take more damage.


– This one offers a useful CC effect (crowd control), Stun, which is super useful in PvP because it will disable the opponents.


– ShogunGekomon is also useful-ish in PvP because of the Stun, just like Myotismon.

Cherrymon & Digitamamon

– These Digimon will be able to inflict Sleep on the enemy, which is a useful CC effect, best used against teams which do not have Digimon which can remove that effect.


– It’s a powerful PvP unit because it can inflict Skill Seal (equivalent of Silence) and provide Skill Seal immunity for the team. This Digimon can also debuff the enemy’s DEF and that makes it a pretty useful PvP unit.


– A very useful PvP unit because it has high base stats and AoE skills, which can inflict Darkness status effect AoE.


– It’s a good unit which you can add to your PvP team to deal with the likes of LadyDevimon, because it will provide Darkness immunity to the whole team. It also has pretty decent damage, so it’s overall a good unit for PvP and PvE alike.


– A useful healing unit which also provides some CC to the tea. It’s one of the best support characters in the game in my opinion, as it comes with Skill Seal into its set and also plenty of healing for the whole team which can be detrimental in PvP battles.


– This is also a healer, but MagnaAngemon is arguably way better because it provides better healing and has a shorter cooldown on it. Either way, if you want Plessiomon to your team, it’s a pretty squishy unit, but its passive protects your whole team from Freeze and also protects Plessiomon from Sleep effects.

Digimon ReArise – Best PvP Team Compositions:

Now that we covered some of the best Digimon which work well in PvP, it is time to see how to pair them up with other Digimon and create some pretty good team compositions to take on anyone.

Now you need to know, that any team comp can have up to 5 Digimon at once present on the battlefield. You can go with a single Digimon if you believe you can win, but I highly recommend against it. It’s best to choose your best 5 heroes which are good at PvP, so let’s see how to form the teams:

– Team 1: CC* for the win:

*CC = crowd control

This is a pretty fun team which can be very annoying for the enemies to play against, because they will constantly be Stunned, Slept, Silenced and every other CC in the game. This team relies mostly on CC-locking your opponents, while your damage dealer will do the dirty job and kill them all.

In this team you will have two possible options to go for, and depending on how strong a CC is, you can either have 1 or 2 damage dealers. The key here is to have so much CC that you will never worry about an enemy attacking you.

Composition A: 1 Damage Dealer + 4 CC Heroes

Composition B: 2 Damage Dealers + 3 CC Heroes

For composition A you will need a very powerful damage dealer, preferably 1 shot AoE or single target, which will take down the enemies while they are stunned / silenced / slept / frozen, but that is quite difficult to obtain later on in the game, unless your Digimon are very good and upgraded.

For composition B it will work very good if your 3 CC heroes will do some powerful AoE CC enough for the 2 damage dealers (which I suggest to be AoE, at least 1 of them) to burst them down.

– Team 2: Balance is key:

In this team you will use CC, Damage Dealers and Healers, which is all in all a fairly balanced team. This can work well in most situations, if your healer is upgraded and will not get 1 shot by a random enemy AoE.

Composition A: 1 Damage Dealer + 3 CC Heroes + 1 Healer

Composition B: 2 Damage Dealers + 2 CC Heroes + 1 Healer

For Composition A you will need again a very powerful damage dealer because otherwise you will kinda lack on that side and no matter how much CC and heal you use, it will take longer to finish them off.

Composition B is the more standard one, because it is the most balanced. Two damage dealers, two CC and 1 Healer will provide pretty much everything that you need on the battlefield.

– Team 3: Never go below 50% HP:

Now this can be the slightly more difficult comp to pull off, because until you find the right composition (and also depending on the enemy you are facing) you might struggle a bit at start. This team will rely mostly on the healers, and less on the CC, so keep in mind that it can be kiiinda squishy if your healers are not upgraded.

Composition A: 1 Damage Dealer + 2 CC Heroes + 2 Healers

Composition B: 2 Damage Dealers + 1 CC Hero + 2 Healers

Both team compositions can be OK, as long as you will have the damage to take down the opponent before they take down your healers and leave you wide open and unprotected. It’s viable as long as your healers are upgraded, otherwise I don’t recommend it because it is too risky.

To form a better team which will make it easier for you to PvP, learn how to Digivolve your Digimon from our Digivolution guide! Also, make sure that you take a look at our Digimon ReArise Mega tier list and Digimon ReArise non-Mega and Ultimate tier list!

These would conclude our Digimon ReArise PvP guide and how to build the perfect team for PvP! Do you have some suggestions regarding the PvP teams? What are some of your favorite heroes to use in PvP? Let us know by leaving a comment down in the comments section below!

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Digimon ReArise: How to Build the Perfect Team for PvP

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