The Titans are, obviously, the main attraction in Dawn of Titans. It’s time to talk about them a little bit and share with you a complete guide to the Titans in Dawn of Titans. In today’s guide, we will learn a few tips and tricks about them, learn more about the different types available, but also talk about how to get more Titans in Dawn of Titans and level them up faster, fuse them and more.

Don’t hesitate to check out our previous guides for Dawn of Titans: our beginners guide, combat tips and tricks & Gems guide. Now these being said, let’s learn everything there is to be learned about Titans in Dawn of Titans!

How to get more Titans in the game

This is obviously the most important question that people ask and unfortunately things are not looking very good. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get more Titans in the game for free, but it won’t be easy:

– Spend 4,000 Gems in the Store for them. This is free-ish as you can raise that amount of Gems if you play smart. It will take some time, but there’s not really a big hurry
– Go for the Daily Bonus: every day, you get a free draw that will give you anything from a useless relic to a decent Titan.
– Win battles and progress through the game: there are certain milestones in the game that, once reached, will reward you with a new Titan. So keep on playing, be active and you will get a few more for free.
– Zynga is mentioning something like Titan Season Rewards – apparently, there will be Seasons where your Alliance can fight for winning free Titans. One extra reason to be in a really active, extremely powerful alliance!

How does Fusion Work

If you somehow have too many Titans in the game, you can fuse them in order to make existing Titans even better. When Fusing Titans, things are pretty straightforward: simply go to the Fusion menu, select the base Titan then the Titan you want to use for Fusing and the game will show you what effect the Fusion will have. You usually get an XP boost for your Titan, as well as unlock a Skill Slot and/or a new Relic slot.

The higher the level of the Titan you use for Fusing or the higher its rarity, the better the results you will get from Fusing. But probably it will take some time until you will have that many Titans that you won’t know what to do with them. Until that happens, my suggestion is to keep all the Titans you have, no matter how weak they are!

How to Level Up Titans Faster

Titan Arenas and Monuments are great places where you can level you Titans faster. There are also rumors that you could win extra Titans from these two areas in the game, but we can’t confirm that.

In order to get to the Titan Arenas or Titan Monuments, you will have to go into the World overview mode (where you attack other players) and scroll up towards the North, where you have the Islands you can attack. Near the huge castle in the middle, you will find the Titan Monuments to the left and Titan Arenas to the right.

Titans also receive XP points from regular battles, so if you keep using them in battles, they will level up eventually. Also, you can fuse Titans in order to get an XP boost and also unlock Relic or Skill slots.

Titan Races and Classes

There are five Titan races in the Dawn of Titans: Human, Elithen, Unak, Mossmane and Ragnar. These don’t influence the game too much and only seem to influence the looks of the Titans.

However, there are five Titan classes currently in the game (and more are planned for release in the future). These are important as they greatly influence each Titan and make them stronger or weaker against other Titans as well! Here are the Titan Classes currently available in the game:

Berserkers: High damage, low defense Titans.
Champions: They come with additional unit slots and buffs to melee troops.
Guardians: High health units that deliver less damage, but also boost the defense of friendly troops in battle.
Infiltrators: Quick and agile, they have improved land capturing abilities and have good defense against ranged attacks, even though they are pretty low on health.
Paladins: Very interesting Titans with decent skills, who provide defensive spells and close combat.

There are at least four more classes announced by the game’s developers which will be released in future updates. Each class has an advantage over a specific other class, while it’s weak against a third. Here is how the advantages work (included are classes that are not yet in the game): Champion better than Paladin better than Assassin better than Champion. Berserker better than Shamman better than Infiltrator better than Berserker. Guardian better than Sorcerer better than Ranger better than Guardian.

This would be our complete guide to Titans in the game. I hope that you now have a clearer picture of how everything works and you’ll be able to exploit the advantages of each of your Titans easier!


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