Gems are the premium currency in Dawn of Titans and you need a ton of them in order to make them count. Fortunately, there are multiple methods that you can use to get free gems in Dawn of Titans and we’re going to talk about them here. Most of them are pretty obvious, but you might not be aware of some, so I really hope that you will find this guide helpful.

Don’t forget to also check out our tips and tricks for the game, as well as a complete guide to combat. And now let’s move on and find out below how to get more free gems in Dawn of Titans.

1. Donate troops
Not only that you help your alliance members by sending reinforcements in, but you also get 1 Gem for every troop you donate. So always keep an eye for requests from your alliance members and send useful troops to them in order to quickly build up your Gem stack.

2. Complete the daily missions
The daily missions are a great way for us all to get more gems in Dawn of Titans. The good news is that, as the name suggests, these reset daily and we can start over again and again. Even if you can’t complete all missions to get the big Gem bonus from doing so, strive to complete as many as possible each day!

3. Complete regular missions
This is again a no-brainer. Apart from the daily missions, you will get regular missions that guide you through the game. They get more and more difficult, but some of the rewards are amazing so make sure you always check them out and work on completing them – the faster, the better!

4. Don’t waste Gems
Although it’s not a method of getting more per se, it still is extremely helpful. There are a ton of things you can spend your hard earned Gems on in Dawn of Titans and most of them are pretty useless. For example, you should never spend Gems to rush building upgrades, nor spend gems to resurrect your troops or heal them at the end of the battle. Spending Gems on resource refills, getting more Portal Stones and even getting a Shield should be considered a waste in most cases.

There are two main things you should spend your Gems on: getting the second Builder’s Yard as soon as possible (that’s 1,500 Gems to start with), then getting more Titans. You have a chance for scoring a very rare Titan, but it costs a whooping 4,000 Gems. That’s why you never have to waste them! The things that really matter cost a TON!

5. Join an active alliance
Being a part of a solid alliance is also key as you get Gem rewards based on your alliance’s performance in the leagues. The better your alliance, the better the league you are in and therefore better rewards at the end of a season. A good strategy to find a solid, active alliance, is to look at the standings in your current league and join one of the top alliances.

6. Purchase Gems
It doesn’t sound “free” at all, but it is if you can spend more. The more money you spend on Gem packages from the store, the more Gems you will get for your dollars. So, in the end, you end up earning free gems compared to the base value. But make sure not to waste the gems you have purchased: they can disappear as soon as you acquire them if you’re not careful!

These would be our tips for getting more free gems in Dawn of Titans. Do you have other good methods of getting premium currency in the game? Let us know by sharing your comments below.


  1. Once i decided to Raid a lotta lands and there were all rich and ez to beat. Used 600gems for 100PortalStones and got so many relics and 3titans one of em 2star
    It took me a lotta time but it was worth it. 600gems to boost my titans in fusion should be fair.

  2. Bought a $5 booster pack to start playing. Came with alot of goods and a 3* Titan that shoots flaming arrows. Playing him for 4 days ,he’s level 23 and im at level 14. Ive learned you can get far if you buy in for $5 at key times.


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