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Cookie Run: Kingdom Royal Bear Jelly’s Drawer Password

Cookie Run: Kingdom Royal Bear Jelly’s Drawer Password
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After passing the Creme Brulee password stage in the newest Cookie Run: Kingdom event, we’re quickly faced with another one – Royal Bear Jelly’s drawer code. This code is also made up of 4 numbers but requires a keen eye. So, which is it?

Similarly to the other password minigame, we have to look for clues inside the room. From the story, we already know that the conductor, Royal Bear Jelly, is a HUGE fan of Linzer Cookie’s novels – but how does this tie into the story?

Well, that’s pretty simple, as you will come to find out for yourself. Just, keep in mind there are spoilers ahead!

What is Royal Bear Jelly Drawer’s Password?

To find out the password for yourself, you can look around the room at all the evidence there. The key piece of evidence is sitting right in front of you. That is the collection of books written by Linzer Cookie.

Linzer Cookie Book Collection
Screenshot via Touch, Tap, Play

The books have the code in their title, and it reads as follows:

  • “And Then, There Were No Cookies” – 0
  • “The PostCookie Always Rings Twice” – 2
  • “The Sign of the Four Cookies” – 4
  • “The Adventures of Six Cookies” – 6

The Royal Bear Jelly drawer code is exactly that: 0 – 2 – 4 – 6.

Royal Bear Jelly Drawer Code
Screenshot via Touch, Tap, Play

The next thing you can do after you input the code is to open the drawer to discover the clues hidden inside. It’s a fairly straightforward process. From here on out, the entire story will start to make a lot more sense.

Although this event doesn’t require you to beat any mobs, and is more of a cozy visual novel (one with “crime” at its core), you should still prepare for the other stages that could prove a little challenging, like the Stage 16-18, and equip some of the best Treasures in Cookie Run: Kingdom for that!

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Royal Bear Jelly’s Drawer Password