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Cookie Run: Kingdom Creme Brulee Cookie Suitcase Password

Cookie Run: Kingdom Creme Brulee Cookie Suitcase Password
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If you’re looking for the password for Creme Brulee Cookie’s suitcase to continue the investigation, look no further. In this article, you will find the password required to open the suitcase in Creme Brulee’s suite.

For those of you trying to solve the mystery of the Bear Jelly Train and the Holiday Express, I know your pain. It’s one of the best events ever in my opinion, and with the unique twist this brings to the Cookie Run world, some challenges even prove a little tough. That would be the case with Creme Brulee Cookie’s suitcase.

In Chapter 3 – Stage 4 of the Holiday Express event you will be tasked to identify the objects in Creme Brulee Cookie’s room to continue your investigation. One of these items is the suitcase, which has a password.

What’s the Password for Creme Brulee Cookie’s Suitcase?

During the investigation, you will be able to hint towards the answer to this by reading the Classical Music Magazine on the right seat. It reads that it is a date of importance to Creme Brulee Cookie, signifying his debut concert.

However, if you read this and thought it would be December 25th, you’d be mistaken. I was too (not being a native English speaker). Also, another element you need to consider is how you phrase the date. It’s Month-Day. The year is not specified, even though I have tried several years in the lockbox myself.

Creme Brulee Cookie Magazine
Screenshot via Touch, Tap, Play

So, when was this concert?

That charity event took place on Christmas Eve, and it should give you a good hint of what the password should be: 1 – 2 – 2 – 4.

Simply set up the code to read exactly like in the image below, and you’ll solve the lockbox.

cookie run kingdom creme brulee cookie suit password
Screenshot via Touch, Tap, Play

After completing this, you can then move on to the next challenge the game will pose. I will not go into much more detail, because I don’t plan to spoil the game for those following along with the story, but I strongly suggest you read our Cookie Run: Kingdom codes to claim all the latest freebies available.

Also, if you haven’t checked the Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasures tier list, make sure you read that as well because we have all the Treasures available listed there. And when you’re up for the next CRK password challenge, we’ve got the Royal Bear Jelly drawer password right here!

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Creme Brulee Cookie Suitcase Password