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How to Beat Stage 16-18 in Cookie Run Kingdom

How to Beat Stage 16-18 in Cookie Run Kingdom
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Cookie Run Kingdom is an exciting mobile game that involves guiding your cookie characters through various stages, collecting treasures, and battling enemies. While the early stages of the game may seem easy, things can quickly become challenging as you progress to higher levels. Recently, Cookie Run Kingdom introduced Episode 16 in the version 4.1 update. Many players have had trouble beating the 18th stage of Episode 16. This guide is created to help you win Stage 16-18 in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom: Stage 16-18 Guide

Eternal City of Wizards, the 16th episode, has powerful debuffs for your cookies and a fantastic buff for enemies. Your healing and HP shield capacity are reduced, while enemies have an increased resistance toward debuffs. In the end, there is a troublesome and powerful self-healing boss.

To clear Stage 16-18, these are your best options in Cookie Run Kingdom:

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1. Front line: Charge Cookie

In the front line you want a tank that can also deal some damage, so Dark Cacao Cookie, Burnt Cheese Cookie, Pitaya Dragon Cookie, Cruchy Chip Cookie or any other Charge that will not lose to the enemies is perfect. This cookie’s role is to tank and deal some damage, so the boss won’t recharge the shield.

2. Middle line: Sherbet Cookie, Golden Cheese Cookie, or any 2 good single target damage dealers

Sherbet Cookie is a Super Rare cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. He is easily one of the best cookies for Stage 16-18. Sherbet Cookie is a ranged unit played in your party’s middle position. His attacks have 15 hits and have the ability to slow down enemies and their abilities, like shield regeneration.

Golden Cheese Cookie is an outstanding Ranged DPS that has a fairly long cooldown, but does great damage and is a great choice for this stage.

– Alternatives:

1) Pumpkin Pie Cookie

Pumpkin Pie Cookie

Pumpkin Pie Cookie is a magic-type unit played in the middle position. Pumpkin Pie Cookie’s skill summons Pompon, which increases your attack speed and slows down the enemy’s healing rate.

3) Blackberry Cookie

Blackberry Cookie is a rear unit in Cookie Run Kingdom. As it is a Rare unit, many players have Blackberry Cookie. Blackberry Cookie becomes a strong cookie at high levels thanks to its skill.

4) Clotted Cream Cookie

Clotted Cream Cookie is another great unit for Stage 16-18 in Cookie Run Kingdom. He has a powerful skill called the Cloak of Light that can give him an advantage in battle. When used, it projects the Light Cage onto the nearest enemy, blocking buffs and causing area damage which is highly useful in this stage.

5) Rye Cookie

Rye Cookie

Rye Cookie is a rear DPS unit that uses pistols to attack enemies. She can fire 10-12 shots using her skill. Each shot deals a decent amount of damage. You can deal extra damage if Rye Cookie has a high level.

You can also use great cookies, like Oyster, Frost Queen, Milky Way, etc. To successfully clear this stage, you will require units that can deal significant damage quickly, efficient healers that can keep your team healthy, and characters that can weaken the enemy’s abilities. Try to have a low cooldown on your healers and debuffers.

3. Back line: Pure Vanilla Cookie

Pure Vanilla Cookie is amazing for the heals, but you can also pick Herb Cookie. Whichever you have, should work.

Best Treasures for Stage 16-18

  • Elder Pilgrim’s Torch
  • Old Pilgrim’s Scroll
  • Sleepyhead’s Jelly Watch or Squishy Jelly Watch
  • Librarian’s Enchanted Robes
  • Dream Conductor’s Whistle

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To increase your chances of victory, it is advisable to utilize your strongest cookies. If you have been playing the game for a while, you likely have several cookies already leveled up and prepared for battle. Additionally, experimenting with different teams and strategies may help you identify the best approach to this stage.

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How to Beat Stage 16-18 in Cookie Run Kingdom


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