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Cookie Run Kingdom PvP Meta Guide (January 2022)

Cookie Run Kingdom PvP Meta Guide (January 2022)

Cookie Run Kingdom is one of the most popular free-to-play mobile RPGs. There you will be able to rule over the Cookie Kingdom and control different Cookies. These characters have different roles in your squad and you should choose them wisely to create the best team. The game allows you to test your team against the Cookies of other players in the PvP arena mode. This guide will give you a couple of examples of squads for PvP in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom PvP Guide

The PvP arena in Cookie Run Kingdom is a place where you are able to fight against Cookie squads formed by other players. There are lots of possible combinations of Cookies that you may encounter in this game mode. Of course, some combinations are stronger than others. The squads that are able to adapt and defeat different types form the current meta.

The game is actively developing and meta may change in the future because of new characters and other content updates. So, the teams we are going to show you in this article will be weaker in future versions of the game.

The best teams in the current meta should be able to beat different types of squads. The first team is based on Frost Queen Cookie. She is one of the characters that were released with winter updates and she appears to be a strong character. The team consists of the next Cookies: Holly Berry Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, and Cotton Cookie. As Treasures we recommend you to pick Old Pilgrim Scroll, Suger Swan Shining Feather, Squishy Jelly Watch.

The second team consists of the next characters: Holly Berry Cookie, Raspberry Cookie, Strawberry Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie. The Treasure picks are the same as in the previous team.

The last team consists of the following Cookies: Sorbet Shark Cookie, Tea Knight Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie. The Treasures we recommend you to pick are Old Pilgrim Scroll, Libertarian Enchanted Robes, Squishy Jelly Watch.

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Cookie Run Kingdom PvP Meta Guide (January 2022)


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