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Best Teams for Kingdom Arena (PvP) In Cookie Run: Kingdom

Best Teams for Kingdom Arena (PvP) In Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a cute kingdom-building game where you can have Cookie warriors battle through a world to save it from an ancient evil! The game also has a player-versus-player mode called the Kingdom Arena, where you can pit your team against other players’ teams. Today, we’ll go over some of the best options for Cookies in our best teams for Kingdom Arena (PvP) in Cookie Run: Kingdom guide!

Best Cookies for the Team

Sea Fairy Cookie

Sea Fairy Cookie is a middle row, bomber class Cookie. Her skill, Soaring Compassion, damages and stuns the 5 closest enemies. After a few seconds, a magical pool appears under enemies and blasts them once more for heavy damage. Soaring Compassion is so powerful that Sea Fairy Cookie is a very common Cookie to see in the Kingdom Arena.

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Strawberry Crêpe Cookie

Strawberry Crêpe Cookie is a front row, defense class Cookie. Her skill, Crêpe Thrust, deals area damage and reduces the damage Strawberry Crêpe takes from the two enemies with the lowest max HP. Crêpe Thrust has some specific uses, but in general it’s a great tool to make Strawberry Crêpe more durable to Cookies that have high DPS but low max HP.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

Pure Vanilla Cookie is a rear row, healing class Cookie. His skill, Love & Peace, restores the entire party’s healing and shields them from further damage. Love & Peace’s healing is based on Pure Vanilla Cookie’s ATK stat, and the shields absorb 20% of the targeted Cookie’s HP. Pure Vanilla Cookie is excellent at shutting down PvP teams that are based around lots of ambushers and high burst damage.

Sorbet Shark Cookie

Sorbet Shark Cookie is a middle row, ambush class Cookie. Their skill is Shark Splash, which deals damage to the front-most enemies, dealing additional bonus damage to the two enemies with the highest max HP. The most important aspect of Shark Splash is that it deals true damage (damage that ignores defense) to Cookies and Cookies only, which makes Sorbet Shark incredibly potent in PvP.

Parfait Cookie

Parfait Cookie is a rear row, support class Cookie. Her skill is Paru-paru-parfait!★, which heals the entire party and temporarily increases their defense and resistance to debuffs. For enemy teams that focus on weakening your team through the use of negative debuffs, Parfait Cookie is a great counter. The defense bonus is useful in any situation, too.

Mint Choco Cookie

Mint Choco Cookie is a rear row, support class Cookie. His skill, Battlefield Symphony, restores the party’s HP and increases attack speed. Mint Choco’s attack speed boosting abilities secures him a spot on just about any team composition, and he works very well with all the Cookies on this list.

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Milk Cookie

Milk Cookie is a front row, defense class Cookie. His skill, Noble Sacrifice, allows him to taunt the enemy team, directing all of their attacks to himself. Noble Sacrifice also cuts all damage received in half, which makes him incredibly tough. Even better is that it works against true damage, making him a good counter to Sorbet Shark Cookie. This has been confirmed as a bug though, and Milk Cookie may not be useful in the future when they fix his skill.

Those are probably the best Cookies to use right now on the current patch. If you play Kingdom Arena regularly, there’s a good chance that you’re already familiar with most of these Cookies. Just about any team composition using these Cookies will do well! Here’s an example line-up:

  • Front: Strawberry Crepe
  • Middle: Sea Fairy, Sorbet Shark
  • Rear: Mint, Pure Vanilla

Try out different line-ups and see what works for you. Think another Cookie should be on this list? Have other example team setups? Let us know in the comments below!

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Best Teams for Kingdom Arena (PvP) In Cookie Run: Kingdom


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