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The latest Call of Duty: Mobile featured event called Nailbiter is live now. Till the event lasts, players can grab a bunch of free rewards, including ORV – Cosmic Wave camo, free CP, Weapon XP cards, and a lot more. In addition to this, players can also get a free KRM-262 – Warp camo from the Nailbiterer event.

Even though Activision is offering the Warp camo of the KRM-262 for free, it doesn’t mean that one can claim it immediately. To bag it, a gamer needs to collect some specific amount of points by completing the event’s missions and tasks.

How to get KRM-262 – Warp for free in COD Mobile?

The KRM-262 – Warp can be unlocked by collecting 100 points from the new Call of Duty: Mobile Nailbiter event. Players can earn these points by completing the missions and challenges of the events.

KRM-262- Warp

Here’s the list of missions listed in the game:

  • Complete 5 consecutive kills in MP ranked matches 3 times. (x10 points)
  • Kill 5 enemies with headshots in MP ranked matches. (x10 points)
  • Open weapon supply boxes 5 times in Battle Royale classic mode. (x10 points)
  • Enter the top 15 in BR Isolated twice. (x10 points)
  • Survive in Battle Royale Isolated for 20 minutes. (x10 points)
  • Assist teammates 3 times in MP ranked matches. (x20 points)
  • Use scorestreaks 10 times in MP ranked matches. (x20 points)
  • Kill 10 enemies with Operator skill in MP ranked matches. (x10 points)
  • Play 3 MP ranked matches with friends. (x20 points)
  • Open 5 airdrops in Battle Royale. (x10 points)
Nailbiter event

After completing each mission, a specific amount of points will be credited to the players’ account. One can also track the progress by heading over to the Featured events section in the Call of Duty: Mobile.

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