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The first-ever COD Mobile community update of March 2021 is live now. The spotlight of the latest patch is the new Season 2 which is also known as Day of Reckoning. Along with it, various new maps, modes, events, and challenges have also arrived in the game. From the content side, two new seasonal challenges – Rifle Steamroller and Pyrotechnics, new AS VAL and SPR 208 weapon, and a new BR Tank Battle mode have been added to the game.

Here’s a detailed overview of what’s new in the COD Mobile March 10 community update.

COD Mobile Community Update Patch Notes (March 10)

Current and Upcoming Events

  • 03/10 – All Season ~ Two New Seasonal Challenges
  • 03/10 ~ Credit Store Update
  • 03/10 – 03/16 ~ Ready to Take OFF (MP)
  • 03/10 – 03/16 ~ Capture and Hold (MP)
  • 03/10 – 03/18 ~ Blitz Mode (BR)
  • 03/10 – 03/18 ~ Shoot House 24/7 Playlist (MP)
  • 03/10 – 03/18 ~ Quick Trigger event (MP)
    • Related to Shoot House (details below in Shoot House section)
  • 03/12 – 03/18 ~ Cranked Recharged (MP)
  • 03/13 – 03/26 ~ Urbanite Draw
    • Urban Tracker returns!
  • 03/17 – 03/21 ~ Group Combat (MP)
  • 03/17 – 03/23 ~ Attack of the Night (MP)

Battle Pass rewards

Free Battle Pass

  • Razorback – Phantom Limb (tier 4)
  • Antelope A20 – Gas Cloud (tier 8)
  • Scorestreak – Napalm (tier 14)
  • New Weapon – AS VAL (tier 21)
  • Echo – Phantom Limb (tier 31)
  • Charm – Payload (tier 38)
  • Calling Card – Wingman (tier 46)
  • M21 EBR – Phantom Limb (tier 50)

Premium Pass

  • Mace – Back For More (tier 1)
  • HVK-30 – Jumper Cable (tier 1)
  • New Operator – Alex (tier 10)
  • Emote – Smoke Drop (tier 15)
  • ICR -1 – Collapse (tier 25)
  • Mil-Sim – Brute (tier 30)
  • KRM-262 – Eagle Claw (tier 35)
  • M4MLG – Checkpoint (tier 40)
  • Mara – Awakening (tier 50)
  • AS VAL – Judgment (tier 50)
  • Avatar – Back for More (tier 50)

Echo 3-1 Ready for Duty

Alex is now available in through this Battle Pass and Tier 12 on the premium side. This tactical, savvy, and multi-talented operator hails from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). We are honored to have this well known and beloved character enter the world of CODM along with full voice lines by the talented actor Chad Michael Collins.

Battle Royale

When we returned with our first season of 2021, Season 1 – New Order, we decided to take a new approach to Battle Royale by offering modes every single week. In S1 that primary focused around Blitz, the new mode that season, while with Season 2 have we another new mode on the way with Tank Battle! That mode isn’t launching right now, but here is the schedule for BR for the season:

r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - March 10th Community Update

Rifle Steamroller

This seven-part Seasonal Challenge is exactly as straight forward as the name implies! Use assault rifles, use them well, and use specific rifles (like the new AS VAL) to complete all of these tasks. This one isn’t specific to MP or BR and provides a variety of rewards including 25,000 Battle Pass XP! Here are some of the reward highlights:

  • (Uncommon) Combat Axe – Ripped Camo
  • (Uncommon) Backpack – Ripped Camo
  • (Rare) Charm – First Aid
  • (EpicKN-44 – Golden Talon


The five-part Seasonal Challenge is all about using scorestreaks in Multiplayer! All of the scrorestreaks you are tasked to dominate matches with are either default ones or available through the credit store except for the Napalm scorestreak available in the S2 free Battle Pass. Complete all of these task and you’ll earn 17,000 Battle Pass XP and the following rewards.

  • (Uncommon) MW11 – Ripped Camo
  • Purple Weapon XP Cards (10)
  • (Rare) Spray – Save Us
  • (Rare) Chopper – Imprint

New Weapons

  • AS VAL and SPR 208 are now available in the game.

Ranked Series 1

  • Ranked Series 1 in COD Mobile has begun.
r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - March 10th Community Update

New Multiplayer Maps

  • Shoot House and Shipment are now available in Multiplayer section.
r/CallOfDutyMobile - Call of Duty: Mobile - March 10th Community Update

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