Call of Duty: Mobile second anniversary

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 will begin in a few days. For unaware, the next season will be called Day of Reckoning. However, before Season 2 starts officially, the patch notes of the next COD Mobile major update have been spotted on a Korean website. The patch notes reveal the arrival of various new maps, modes, weapons in the COD Mobile Season 2 update. It has also been confirmed that the update will be released without taking down the matchmaking servers.

Here are the complete patch notes of the COD Mobile Season 2 update.

COD Mobile Season 2 Patch Notes

New Ranked Season

Call of Duty: New Ranked Season for Mobile runs from March to May 2021.​

New Season Reward

COD Mobile Season 2
Image via Garena
  • New Epic Design: QXR-Roaring Steel
  • New Epic Soldier: Kruger-Burst Steel​​

New Event Reward

  • New weapon SP-R 208: This is a bolt action-designated shooter rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 with relatively high damage and mobility. Equipping a special attachment, Bolt, increases the weapon’s accuracy and range but decreases the reload speed.
  • New Puck Recon: When an enemy is defeated, the surrounding enemy is scanned and displayed on the mini-map.​​


New Map – Shooting Range

COD Mobile Season 2
  • Modern Warfare’s popular map has finally been released on Call of Duty: Mobile! The map consists of a military training ground located in the middle of the desert, including a classic 3-path design. Engage in intense battles with the best strategy!
  • This map in COD Mobile Season 2 can be used in team deathmatch, occupation war, main base, confirmation kill, etc.

Map remodeling-loading dock

COD Mobile Season 2
  • Call of Duty, a classic map of the Modern Warfare series: The loading dock map has been remodeled, and the World War II style loading dock has been reborn in a modern style. Fight fierce battles between containers while paying attention to the threats overhead!
  • It can be used in team deathmatch, occupation war, main base, confirmation kill, etc.​

New Mode-Sniper Shootout

  • Use only the sniper rifles obtained in the game to annihilate or capture targets. Kilovolt Action, SKS, and NA-45 are also available in mods.
  • Can be used in cages, loading docks, coniferous forests, and princes.​

New loadout function

  • Outline of the design: You can select and change a pattern conveniently by clicking the outline icon in the loadout.
  • Recently acquired items: The notification dismissal icon displays all recently acquired items by the player, including weapons, attachments, soldiers, and camouflage.
  • Available designs: You can check the newly available designs in the loadout.​​

Battle Royale

New Mode-Tank Battle

  • Collect five parts to assemble a tank to fight enemies! Tanks can be assembled with designs that can be obtained from supplies, allowing more operators to fight with tanks!
  • Tank parts: chassis, engine parts, armor parts, main weapon parts, auxiliary weapon parts
  • Anti-tank weapons: delayed bullets, melee mines, anti-tank sticky bullets
  • You can acquire anti-tank sniper rifles and anti-tank war machines to attack tanks.
  • Tank repair tool: welding gun
  • Tank Design: You can create a tank by acquiring three types of tank designs from aerial supplies.

New Vehicle-Cargo Truck

  • The truck has only the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat, but the vehicle can accommodate operators who can move freely. The acceleration is low, but the durability is high, and the occupants are adequately protected!​

New custom air supply weapon

  • Pistols can be set for custom air supply weapons.​

Weapon list update

  • General: AK117 / SKS / M4 light machine gun / GKS
  • Advanced: AK47 / Man-O-War / M21 EBR / Chopper / RUS-74U / BY15 / KRM-262
  • Rare: AK117 / BK57 / FR. 556 / HVK-30 / Peacekeeper MK2 / AS VAL / LOCUS / SP-R 208 / M4 Light Machine Gun / Razorback / QQ9 / QXR / KRM-262
  • Epic: Type25 / ICR-1 / DR-H / BK57 / KN-44 / AS VAL / Man-O-War / Peacekeeper MK2 / HVK-30 / DL Q33 / SKS / Chopper / RUS-74U / GKS / QQ9
  • Legend: M4 / Man-O-War / AS VAL / HVK-30 / SP-R 208 / M4 Light Machine Gun / QXR / GKS​​

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Various Bugs and Glitches have been patched in the latest update.

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