Call of Duty Mobile: How to Get More Kills

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If you’re having a bit of trouble with what’s actually the main thing in CoD Mobile: taking out enemies, we’re here to help. In today’s article, we are going to share with you all the tips and tricks that we can to help you achieve this important thing: kill enemies faster and get more kills in the game.

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Of course, the main and most important thing that you need is skill – and that can only be obtained through practice. This means that you should play often and be consistent, trying to always improve. You will get better for sure!

But apart from this thing, there are others that should be considered if you want to get more kills in Call of Duty Mobile, so let’s check them all out below!

1. Aim for the head!

Headshots deal more damage and take out enemies faster. Therefore, learn how to perform them and always aim for the head. There’s really no other better place for shooting your enemies!

2. Fire in short bursts

With most weapons, shooting continuously will reduce accuracy. An easy way to fix this is to fire your gun using short bursts. This way, you can quickly readjust and keep dealing damage to the enemy, instead of filling the nearby buildings with holes and missing your target constantly.

Some weapons are definitely better than others, so choosing the right one is extremely important as well. And if you have doubts which is better suited, check out our previous article about the best weapons in CoD Mobile.

3. Learn to stay alive

Well, you can’t kill ’em if you’re not alive, so learn how to stay alive: not only during a face to face confrontation with one or multiple enemies, but also during regular battle moments when things are not that heated.

Learn to take advantage of any cover opportunities that you have, learn to move and shoot at the same time (and move constantly – but more on this later), know the map you’re playing on and stay together with your teammates.

The longer you manage to stay alive, the easier it is for you to lock on your next target and take out more enemies than ever.

4. Use the most out of your boosts and secondary weapons/items

There’s a multitude of things that can help you get more kills in Call of Duty Mobile. You have perks, you have your Operator Skill, you have secondary weapons and grenades, plus various scorestreaks that activate based on your in-game performance.

Learn to take advantage of these: using each of these things at the right time in the game will increase your kill streak and numbers greatly. Test them all out, pick up your favorite and always work on improving their performance in order to get a massive score boost from them at the end of the match.

5. Always be on the move

I have already talked a bit about this, but I feel that it needs a chapter of its own, because moving constantly in CoD Mobile is vital and essential if you want to be a great player.

There are actually two types of things that I have in mind what I say that you should always be on the move:

– First, I am talking about you learning how to move and shoot. If you do this – move left and right, jump, crouch… do whatever you can to be a tough target for your opponent(s), but also learn how to aim properly when doing all these.

– Second, I am talking about you not staying in the same spot for too long (especially in traditional multiplayer matches).

The thing is that if you do this – for example, if you are playing sniper and you want to take out enemies from a distance – the opponents will soon be made aware of your position and you’ll become an easy target: either a well placed grenade, or simply them rushing out to your position and easily taking you out without you even knowing they’re there.

So always be on the move, change positions, find new spots to take opponents out from!

6. Keep an eye on the minimap

Knowing where the opponents are makes killing them a lot easier than walking around blindly, with no idea what’s around the corner.

Now, depending on the type of game you’re playing (Battle Royale or traditional multiplayer), the minimap will offer more or less help, but in both cases, it will be extremely useful to help you be aware of what’s happening around you and where the enemies are located.

7. Use the Simple Controls

There are two different control methods in the game: Advanced and Simple and although many people advocate against using the simple controls, the truth is that they are exactly what you need to take out opponents faster – especially in the traditional multiplayer modes.

With auto aiming on and auto firing, all you have to do is worry about aiming to the head and moving to stay alive. The Simple Controls are simple, yet effective: so if you’re struggling, try switching to them to see an improvement.

8. Play on PC

Of course, there’s no real way for you to actually reach the precision of playing a shooter with a keyboard and a mouse… buy since CoD Mobile is, well… for mobiles, you can’t do that, right?

Actually, you can: you can play Call of Duty Mobile on your PC or Laptop, using your mouse and keyboard. This makes aiming a lot easier, so make sure to give this a try if you want an advantage in the game.

9. Use headphones!

Sound is also extremely important in such games, as you can easily hear where the enemy footsteps are or where the shots are coming for (although for them, you also have the on-screen indicators).

It is recommended to play the game with your headphones as this helps you hear everything better and gives you a complete coverage of the space around you, making it a lot easier to ultimately get more kills.

10. Reload often

You can’t take out more enemies if your magazine is empty and you don’t want to run out of bullets during a face-to-face confrontation, right?

Then, make sure that you remember to reload… and do so constantly. With a full clip, it’s a lot easier to take out enemies one after another.

11. Adjust the sensitivity!

This is a bit more advanced, but in the end it can make a real difference during the game, so it’s worth spending some time tweaking these stats and finding what works best for you.

You want the sensitivity of the controls to be high enough so that you can easily track enemies when hip firing and when moving, but not too fast so that you can’t really lock on them.

Give it a try and find the optimal settings for you – adjust the sensitivity from the main menu – settings.

And this would be it – our tips and tricks to help you take out enemies faster and have more kills at the end of the match.

Do you have additional recommendations and advice for fellow players? Share them all with us in the comment section below!

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Call of Duty Mobile: How to Get More Kills

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