Call of Duty Mobile: Best Class for Battle Royale Matches

Your success in the Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile will greatly depend on the class you will select for your character. And in order to make it easier for you to make the perfect choice, I am here to share the best class for BR in CoD Mobile. Oh my, so many acronyms!

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Jokes aside, there are currently six classes available in the game, with an additional one having the “coming soon” stamp on it. So most likely, it is a class that will be released in the next major update for the game.

Since the Battle Royale game mode in Call of Duty Mobile doesn’t give you the chance to select perks or Operator Skills (and not even a weapon) – the class you choose becomes extremely important, as it is the only thing that will make you kind of unique and give you an advantage (or not) during the match itself.

I am saying “kind of unique” because with just 6 classes to choose from and 100 players battling for #1 in the BR mode, there will be inevitable more with the same class, but if you choose the right one, you will at least not be at a disadvantage, while also having an advantage over others.

With these in mind, before trying to decide what the best class is in CoD Mobile, let’s check out all the classes currently available in the game and what makes them unique:


The medic is, as you probably imagine already, support-oriented and is clearly a better choice when playing in a team and not solo. For solo play, it is actually pretty useless in my opinion.

The Medic reduces the time required for healing and bringing back knocked down teammates by 25%. Really useful if you can accept the job of not being that much part of the battle itself, and more on the lookout to revive your teammate(s).

The Medic class in CoD Mobile has this unique skill:

Medical Station: A drone-like thingie heals you and allies continuously as long as you are in its area of action.

While I won’t deny the fact that the medic is extremely useful in a team if played correctly, it is definitely one of the least fun types of characters that you can play and with so many healing items available in the game, its skill loses some valor.


The Scout is extremely good for picking up the trails of nearby enemies and making it easier to hunt them down. It works well both as a solitary player and also in teams, as it has the Tracker perk active, meaning that it will actually show you on the screen the traces of the footsteps of your opponents.

The Scout also has an useful active skill, the Sensor Dart which allows you to see the positions of hostile characters on the minimap. This gets a bit more useful in late game situation than during early game, but still it’s a great advantage that you can have in battle.


Probably the most fun class of them all – you definitely have to choose it an play it a few times, even if you’re the more strategic and straight face type of player. You really need its wackiness in your game (but maybe not always).

The Clown can launch the Toy Bomb – a small robot that summons a bunch of zombies who will start attacking nearby enemies. This gives you a massive advantage in combat, but only if you know exactly where your enemy actually is!

Also, it has the Anti-zombie perk which reduces the awareness distance of zombies to 15 meters. Not sure what the regular distance is, to be honest, so I can’t really say how useful this one is. But the Toy Bomb… that’s why you play Clown for!


The Ninja is an extremely good class, one that allows you to easily sneak up on your opponents in order to take them out and even reach places that other players can’t.

The first thing happens thanks to the Dead Silence perk that it has active, meaning that you produce less sound when moving around. So if you are careful enough, you will be able to surprise your enemies in most occasions.

The active skill is Grapple Hook: you can shoot this grapple hook almost anywhere and be pulled to where you launched it at. This gives you the chance to reach high platforms or other places that other players can’t (easily) get to. This can be a major advantage if you have the proper long-range weapons!


I would consider the Defender a tank-type class and something that brings CoD Mobile one step closer to Fortnite.

I’m saying this because the Defender can build a Transform Shield – one that can be built to offer protection during battle (but also draw attention of other enemies since it’s flashing).

The defender also has tough skin, receiving 20% less damage from all sources except gunfire. Useful in some situations, but if you think about it, it’s gunfire that you get most of your damage from anyway… so not as impressive as it first sounds, imho.


I consider this class the least fun to play – even less fun than the medic, to be honest and I have only tried it a couple of times before deciding that it’s really not for me.

The Mechanic can launch an EMP Drone that constantly interferes with hostiles – but to be honest, I don’t really know what that means because I never faced a Mechanic class that activated this against me. It didn’t seem to bother my opponents too much either, even though as I said I have little experience with this class.

Also, the Mechanic has the Engineer perk that gives him augmented sight, making vehicles, hostile traps and equipment visible from a large distance. Probably this is a bit more useful in team battles, but still not something that makes me want to play Mechanic anytime soon.

Airborne (coming soon)

While this class is not yet available in the game, we still have information about the active skill and perk, which are very intriguing to say the least.

For example, the Airborne class gives you an Ejection Device, which apparently summons a catapult that launches your team into the air and turns on wings to glide.

I don’t really know how this can be useful in battle though as it clearly makes you visible to a large portion of the map and doesn’t give you any advantage (maybe except for the advantage of quickly fleeing battle if it gets too tough).

Also, you have the Lightweight perk which sees you “become more buoyant” when using the wingsuit.

Also, you have the Lightweight perk which sees you “become more buoyant” when using the wingsuit. Does this mean that you can fly or not? This is the question so far, but this class is definitely intriguing and I can’t wait to see it launched in the game.

With these in mind now, let’s finally answer the burning question:

Which is the best class in CoD Mobile for Battle Royale?

My top choice by far, for all the reasons that I have already detailed in its description is…

The Ninja

I consider this the perfect class and even slightly overpowered at the moment thanks to the combination of stealth it gets (really, your opponents simply won’t hear you coming!) and the Grapple Hook that can take you in some great spots for taking out enemies.

Sure, the Grapple Hook kind of encourages you to become a camper – which is something that I hate, just like most of the players who aren’t really campers… but the truth is that you do get an extra advantage and it’s a lot easier to win matches and be the last man standing if you choose the Ninja class.

My second best choice… and mostly for the fun of it, is the Clown. Really, if you’re feeling down, the clown will make your day. Zombies & boink boink!

What is your opinion, though? Do you agree that the Ninja is the best class in Call of Duty Mobile, or you have a different favorite? Let us all know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Call of Duty Mobile: Best Class for Battle Royale Matches

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