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Brave Nine: What to Spend Diamonds On?

Brave Nine: What to Spend Diamonds On?
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In our article today we will show you everything that you need to know in order to have a good start in the game, as well as how to best use your income – that’s why this article will focus on what to spend Diamonds in Brave Nine.

There are quite a few things you can choose to spend your (hard earned) Diamonds on, but not all of them could be considered worth it, as they might not help you in the game overall.

But since we are here to tell you all about that, don’t worry because we will cover everything – including the costumes (which are one of my favorite parts of the game).

So even if you don’t have any other important thing to spend your Diamonds on, we will still come to your aid! Let’s see how to spend Diamonds in Brave Nine to get the most out of them!

What are Diamonds?

Diamonds are the game’s premium currency, but you will acquire plenty of them throughout the game from just completing quests and stages, so you don’t have to charge for premium packs if you don’t want to – it’s not mandatory.

The Diamonds will be used to obtain good Legend heroes which are currently some of the strongest in the game. So if you want a good and powerful team, make sure you work towards collecting as many as possible!

What is best to spend Diamonds on in Brave Nine?

There are quite a few things you can spend the Diamonds on, so even if you already have some of the dankest heroes in game, you will still have plenty to do with the Diamonds.

The most important: Check out the Brave Nine tier list, as well as the best characters for Arena and best characters for World Boss. Make sure you are aiming for some of the best heroes from the tier list, so your journey throughout the game will be good.

If you are still at the beginning, here’s also a reroll guide to help you in case you do not know how it works. Basically, you can reset your account data and start all over again with a new set of summons and chances! 

Spend Diamonds on:

Always purchase the 3 weekly 10 Legend Scrolls! You can buy up to 3 every week, and we really hope that you do so, because they are some really good items. With those you can summon Legend mercenaries, and hopefully get one (or more?) of the ones we’ve mentioned in the tier list above.

After you have purchased all of them and you’ve acquired the desired mercenaries, then you can finally breathe and focus on other stuff.

– Save 2500 Diamonds to purchase the bundle with a 5* Skill Book. This will help you in the long run, and it is available only once per account. 

– Use 900 Diamonds to purchase the 10 Legendary Summons + 150 Mileage. This is available in the Store -> Legend -> first option.

When you are finally done with the heroes that you wanted to acquire, you can focus on the visual part of the game – of course, this is not for everybody, as some might not care if the character has a different costume or not, but I do – so here I’m going to mention that as well.

You can head on to the Shop button on the main screen and take a look at all the available Costumes for the heroes. Some of them are available to purchase for Diamonds, and I have bought the Candy Bomb Octavia for 2000 Diamonds. I am quite happy with it, so go for it if you want to!

This would be all of our suggestions on what to spend Diamonds on in Brave Nine. If you have other suggestions, leave a comment down below for all of us to learn your tips! And for a complete list of tips and tricks, check out our game guide!

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Brave Nine: What to Spend Diamonds On?


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