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Brave Nine: Best Characters for World Boss

Brave Nine: Best Characters for World Boss

In today’s article we will share with you even more information about Brave Nine: the best characters for World Boss! If you have played the game until now you probably noticed that there are quite a few mercenaries which are good in the game, but maybe the ones that you thought were best aren’t exactly that strong when it comes to doing the World Boss.

Either way, in order to do the bosses you’re going to need a reliable source of damage as well as good sustain, and that cannot come from a single mercenary.

You will need several (upgraded) mercenaries which should help you mitigate the incoming damage and apply the right buffs and debuffs.

For the World Bosses you will need different mercenaries, depending on which boss is up for battle. Here are the Brave Nine best World Boss characters:

For Ogdoad:
(anything with stats reduction)

– Ventana
– Mary
– Wester
– Veronia
– Viola
– Seir
– Hell
– Hyeon Wol
– Noel

For Zaraton:

(keep Sabrina alive and use the others for shields and buffs and to inflict damage)

– Sabrina
– Claris
– Seir
– Astrid
– Lillian
– Cecilia
– Ceres
– Grosa
– Meliodas
– Lucius

For Terion:
(anything with a lot of HP)

– Anais
– Celia
– Melody
– Brisa
– Seir
– Grosa
– Ymir
– Veronia
– John
– Ceres

For Arcstar:

(anything that can weaken it)

– Hyeon Wol
– Niya
– Melody
– Ceres
– Seir
– Mary
– Angelica
– Veronia
– Wiggle
– Arines

You should star up those heroes and use them as best as you can and try out different formations if you fair. Always remember to use mercenaries which counter the bosses as best as possible, and not just those that you’ve leveled up and use for Campaign. 

The World Bosses are much more difficult, and that’s enough reason to upgrade the mercenaries as much as possible! 

The team composition is really important when dealing with strong opponents such as these ones, but always try to time the skills of the team right so they don’t overwrite or go to waste in any way. 

Also, if you are looking for some of these heroes, then you might want to check out our reroll guide to help you pick some of the best heroes right from the beginning of the game! Don’t forget about our best Arena characters also, because they are also a big feature of the game.

Thus being said, this concludes our Brave Nine best World Boss characters list. For a complete list of the best heroes, take a look at our Brave Nine tier list and don’t forget that we also have a game guide

If you have managed to defeat the World Bosses with different team comps, make sure you leave them down in the comments below and share your information with us and everybody else!

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Brave Nine: Best Characters for World Boss


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