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Brave Nine Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Win All Battles

Brave Nine Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Win All Battles

In our article today we are going to show you our picks for the best Brave Nine tips and cheats as well as everything that you need to know in order to form a good and strong team. We’ll also share with you our battle strategies so you don’t need to worry about that either!

If you’re a strategic thinker then you might have already figured out the game by now – or have you? Well, our Brave Nine tips and tricks will help you get a better understanding of everything in the game, as well as an overall idea on how to organize your mercenaries to take down the enemies.

So, are you ready for some fights? Strategic battles? Then let’s dive right into the Brave Nine tips and tricks right here below!

Understand the principles of battle

No, this is not a Sun Tzu line, it’s just the basics of the game. If you haven’t bothered to take a closer look and to observe the fighting patterns, then make sure you read (and remember, as much as possible) what we are going to state here, as it’s going to help you quite a lot throughout the game.

First thing you need to remember, is that the team on the right side makes the first move. If the enemy army is on the right side, you need to brace yourself and prepare for a hit. Since the mercenaries will attack the opponents right in front of them (on the same line) you need to place them properly. 

Always make sure you check their range and place them in such a manner that it will give the enemy a hard time dealing with you. However, you need to be careful of the number of tiles your mercenaries can use, so pay close attention to that.

Practice different team formations

In my opinion this is one of the most important features. Especially in the early stages of the game, you should take your time and practice different team setups and formations, to see which ones you like best and which work best. 

Since it will be easy to defeat the enemies, put all your effort into understanding the game mechanics, because it is not as easy as it seems! There are many factors you will need to take into consideration, from Runes to supports and how to set a good order of battle. 

I have practiced different formations in the Campaign mode, with all the mercenaries that I’ve acquired, and it helped me gather quite a lot of information about the game which came in handy for further fights. 

Check out the in game events

There are quite a lot of in game events, so you should definitely take a close look at them and complete the tasks some of them require. Some of these events are time limited, some others are just for simply logging in to the game. 

Definitely take a look by opening the events page in the main window. There, you will see the “Gift & Pack” (a red gift icon which is animated) and just tap on it. Once you’ve opened the interface, a list of all the currently available events will be shown on the left. 

One of these events is the daily login rewards, which you should take no matter if you choose to play that particular day or not. Even if you don’t want to play, just log in and collect the rewards because it’s worth it – you’ll thank yourself later! 

Farm some EXP and level up your mercenaries

In the game there are 2 difficulties for the levels, each of them giving other rewards – Normal and Hard. The Normal mode is the one you’ll first and foremost do, because it is the easiest one (as the name bluntly implies).

Do the Campaign mode and progress up to stage 5. It is somewhat time consuming, but it should be done if you want to level up. Once you have unlocked Stage 5, progress up to 5-10. Here, you can stay a while and use all your AP to farm.

However, it is best if you do it in Hard Mode, because the EXP there is quite good. In this stage, you also have a chance to obtain Normal Scrolls, so keep on farming this area because it’s profitable. 

Another good area you could farm on is 25-5 because it gives a ton of EXP. It’s true, that area takes a while to get to, but once you do unlock it, it’s a pure EXP gem. In my opinion, just go with it and assemble a good team to take down the boss.

Join a decent Guild

Even though it’s not the most guild-demanding game, it is still fun to be in an active and social guild, because if you are like me, you’ll end up spending a lot of time in the game (I know, it’s kinda addictive!).

By having a good guild you can ask for suggestion and advice on other player’s team setups and strategies, as well as chat them up! Take your time and find a nice and active guild, because it will make quite the difference – you’ll form bonds with other people and help each other!

Oh! And you can take part in Guild Wars by fighting other guilds!

Recruit for Free every day!

Every single day there will be a free “summon” for you to perform. Head on to the “Shop” interface in the bottom part of the screen and click on “Recruit”. Every day you will have 1 free Recruitment, so good luck to you! 

Farm Normal Scrolls – Level up mercenaries!

Remember the Normal Scrolls I have mentioned earlier? Try to collect as many as you can and use 10 at a time to summon 10 Mercenaries with 1 star up to 3 stars. They can be very useful, so don’t be upset for only getting 1 star ones.

Use them to enhance the mercenaries which are Gold Star because they will need a ton of EXP to become really good. You can also use the Slimes in order to level up those Silver Star mercenaries you obtain! 

Customize your mercenaries

What other cool feature could there be other than costumes? There are several costumes in the game that you can purchase, and if you have a favorite one, definitely save up the Diamonds to acquire them – that is, if you don’t have anything else to spend them on!

I am absolutely in love with the Candy Bomb Octavia costume, which costs 2000 Diamonds but it comes not only with the costume, but with 10x Premium Scrolls, 2000 Horseshoe and 1 Mil Gold! In order to acquire it, just keep on playing and logging in daily.

I have got on my 3rd day 1000 Diamonds, so along with a few other stages here and there, a lucky wheel spin and some quest rewards, it’s really easy to obtain. 

There are others which are also really cool, like Aloha Alec, but some of them are only event limited (such as Halloween, Christmas), so might not be available right away. These costumes are purely aesthetic, so don’t expect them to affect your characters in any way.

Play through Campaign to unlock Challenges

Like I said, you should keep on playing those Campaign levels if you want to unlock even more interesting features. The Challenge instances will let you adventure into new worlds and obtain new rewards.

They unlock as you complete certain Campaign stages, as follows:

Rune Temple (you can collect Runes) – unlocks by completing 3-10.

Crystal Cave (you can collect Crystals) – unlocks by completing 6-10.

Evil Castle (you can fight other enemies for cool rewards) – unlocks by completing 10-10.

World Boss: Terion – unlocks by completing 15-10.

Co-op Raid (you can team up with others to get Soul Gear) – unlocks by completing 12-10.

Event Dungeon – unlocks only when there are active events in game.

Other helpful Brave Nine tips and tricks:

– Don’t use Slimes to level up Gold mercenaries, but use Silver mercenaries instead. 

– If you have mercenaries that inflict Concentrated Fire and Taunt, don’t use them at the same time because it is a waste. The Concentrated Fire will be applied before Taunt.

– You can activate Set Effects by using 3 mercenaries which are compatible. Use this whenever you are forming a new team.

– Save several Team Formations and use the proper ones when dealing with certain situations. For example, for a Boss you will have a different team setup than for a simple normal enemy fight. 

– Keep your team alive, even if it means Supporters shall die. If no attackers are left on the team only Support heroes, it’s automatically a loss. 

– Use multiple mercenaries of the same kind (for example 2x Rogan) to upgrade their skills. It’s best if you don’t waste Silver star mercenaries to upgrade them, because the level of the ones you use to upgrade doesn’t matter.

– Level up your Captain’s level, because by doing so you can deploy more mercenaries. Basically, the higher your Captain’s level, the more cost becomes available to be spent for mercenaries.

– Don’t deploy the most expensive mercenaries and be left with nothing, because even if they are 5 star and everything sounds good, they can’t go one versus an army. 

– Choose your character icon by heading to Settings -> Sleep -> Chosen Illustration -> Settings and select the one you want! (it bugged me for a while that I just had to find it, so here I’m sharing it!)

These would be all of our Brave Nine tips and tricks! If you have some other cool suggestions and strategies about the game, leave them down in the comments below to be shared with everybody! 

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