In our article today we are going to cover all of the best characters in Brave Nine, as well as a Brave Nine tier list which is going to show you everything you need to know about what heroes to keep and which ones aren’t as good.

First thing you need to keep in mind is that the best heroes aren’t always that easy to obtain. That’s because some of the Legendary ones cannot be purchased, so if you are lucky enough to start off with one, you’re set for the long run.

Otherwise, if you haven’t managed to get one yet, you might want to take a look at our Brave Nine reroll guide to help you understand how it works and what it does to help you. 

Thus being said, we’re here for one thing only: the Brave Nine tier list. So, without further ado, here it is!

Bave Nine: Best 5* Heroes

Tier 1 Mercenaries: Valzé, Edin, Levia, Lucius, Beliath, Seto, Foxy, Asmode, Seir, Venaka

Tier 2 Mercenaries: Aaron, Alec,  Arkan, Deomaron, Velfern, Celia, Nartas, Refithea, Lillian, Siegmund, Jin

Tier 3 Mercenaries: Anubis, Angelica, Christina, Hijin, Helena, Kaina, Elija, Gunther, Themis

Tier 4 Mercenaries: Sabrina, Michaela, Mary, Dwen, Dalvi, Ventana, Cecilia, Glacia, Gloria, Zenith, Eldora, Claudia, Elisé

Brave Nine: Best 4* Heroes

Tier 1 Mercenaries: Hell, Zarka, Corette, Niya, Leto, Xenon, Joseph, Iris, Ceres

Tier 2 Mercenaries: Esther, Leah, Eunrang, Krull, Alche, Viola, Jacklin, John

Tier 3 Mercenaries: Bruno, Dr. Morgan, Brisa, Orienne, Mora

Tier 4 Mercenaries: Magnus, Camilla, Varion, Maya, René

**most of the 4 star supports in the game are decent, so even if one that you got isn’t listed, it might still make for a good addition in certain teams.

Brave Nine: Best 3* Heroes

Tier 1 Mercenaries: Hyeon Wol, Claris, Velona, Maria, Carlson, Cordelia, Beatricé

Tier 2 Mercenaries: Arines, Marlene, Cynthia, Marron, Ron 

Tier 3 Mercenaries: Julie, Noel, Mercedes, Wiggle, Bran, Kozak

Tier 4 Mercenaries: Asera, Melody, Sloan, Lydia, Rigenette

Now you need to know that from what we have tested thus far, these heroes are the ones that would fit in this tier list best. Some of the ones that we haven’t mentioned might either be too weak (or bluntly said, useless) to be placed in here (like Dominique for example), or we just haven’t discovered their true strength yet.

They might work well for you in a certain team comp, so if you disagree with any of the choices or have other suggestions, make sure you share them with us! Either way, you’ll have to test for yourself as well and let us know everything that you’ve learned.

If you would like to learn a few other useful tips about the game, then make sure you take a look at our game guide right here, and let us know what other team comps you’ve come up with to add to your lineup! 


  1. Excellent and very helpul. Thx. Now 2 figure our how to get Valzé, Edin, Levia, Lucius, Beliath, Seto, Foxy, Asmode, Seir, Venaka. Piece of cake.


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