The Guns, aka Blasters, are one of the many weapons in Brawlhalla that players can use to their advantage during battles. Moreover, blasters are the best weapons if you want to keep the distance between yourself and your opponent. Just like any other weapon in Brawlhalla, players can use normal and environment-based(throwing enemies in the air, bouncing enemies off walls, etc) attacks to chain different combos.

To help new and old Brawlhalla players we have gathered a list of the best Blaster combos(created by some of the best players) that you can start practicing right now. This combos list will be a series of articles, where we talk about the best combos using different weapons.

Brawlhalla Best Combos Series

Glossary of Actions in Brawlhalla

Here is a glossary of different actions and their short forms that you will be seeing in the best combos list.

  • NH = Neutral/Up Signature
  • DH = Down Signature
  • SH = Side Signature
  • Light Attacks:
  • NL = Neutral Light
  • DL = Down Light
  • SL = Side Light
  • Aerial Attacks
  • R = Recovery
  • GP = Ground Pound
  • NA = Neutral Air
  • DA = Down Air
  • SA = Side Air


  • GC = Gravity Cancel (Spot dodge in air and do a move)
  • J = Jump
  • DJ= Dash Jump
  • FF = Fast Fall
  • UD = UP Dodge
  • FD = Forward Dodge
  • BD = Dodge Away
  • DD = Down Dodge
  • T=Throw
  • PU=Pick Up

Best Gun Combos for Brawlhalla

Thanks to the Brawlhalla player and steam user Handsome | SelahW we have a list of some of the best Blaster combos in Brawlhalla.

  • SA(Grounded)→NL (35 damage)
  • SA(Grounded)→DL (38 damage)
  • SA(Grounded)→SL (3 frames, 34 damage)
  • DL→SL (40 damage)
  • DL→J→SA (38 damage)
  • NL→UFD→XPivot→NA (3 frames, 37 damage)
  • SA→FD→DA (6 frames, 33 damage)
  • SL→J→SA (4 frames, 34 damage)
  • NL→UFD→R (10 frames, Use when you know the enemy has no dodge, 39 damage)
  • GC→DL→FD→XPivot→NA (40 damage)
  • GC→DL→FD→R (47 damage)
  • DA→GC→NL (2 frames, 37 damage)
  • DA→GC→DL (5 frames, 39 damage)
  • NA→J→R (10 frames, Good follow-up, 43 damage)
  • SL→WAIT→J→R (Towards you dodge read, 43 damage)T(Down)→PU→R (28 damage)
  • DL→FD→NL (Only works if DL is the first hit of the stock, 41 damage)<- Thanks to Collinb1000
  • NL→J→GC→NL (Spot dodge read, 38 damage)

If the above Blaster combo list doesn’t suit your likings or is hard to visualize or understand. Here is a great video tutorial that will guide you through the learning phase of the best Blaster combos.

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play 2D fighting game currently available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Steam, iOS, and Android platforms.

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