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Brain Boom Answers: Level 176 – Level 183

Brain Boom Answers: Level 176 – Level 183
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Today we are going to cover the remaining Brain Boom answers from level 176 to level 183, and help you solve the puzzles for these stages.

So far we’ve solved 175 stages which can be found here in case you’re still looking for solutions: Brain Boom answers for levels 1 – 35Brain Boom answers for levels 36 – 70Brain Boom answers for levels 71 – 105, Brain boom answers for levels 106 – 140 and Brain Boom answers for levels 141 – 175!

Since there are just a few levels here because only these many have been released, we will make sure to update you as soon as the game adds more! Therefore let’s not waste another second and dive right into them.

Brain Boom Level 176 Answer

brain boom answers 45

Q: Which one is the real fish?
A: Place your finger on the opening of the bottle and start shaking your phone. The real fish will be belly-up floating at the surface.

Brain Boom Level 177 Answer

brain boom answers 46

Q: What’s your expression when you see a ghost?
A: Place the eyes and the mouth on the yellow circle as in the picture.

Brain Boom Level 178 Answer

Q: Would you please pick an apple for me?
A: Take a cloud and place it on the place where the apple would fall on the ground, then tap the apple twice to make it fall, but this time it will fall on the cloud.

Brain Boom Level 179 Answer

Q: There is no other answer apart from 6.
A: 8

Brain Boom Level 180 Answer
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Q: Help the princess to find her prince.
A: Take the poison and move it over the apple to mix them up and create a poison apple. Then feed the princess the poison apple, and when the prince comes there, tap on him.

Brain Boom Level 181 Answer

brain boom answers 44

Q: You are going to travel tomorrow! Pack your suitcase first.
A: Arrange the clothes just like in the picture.

Brain Boom Level 182 Answer

Q: Help the hero to get home.
A: Tap close to the ghost in order to jump over it, then tap again quickly as soon as you land to jump again and again.

Brain Boom Level 183 Answer

Q: Match the birds.
A: Look only at the shape of the feathers on their head and match them based on that.

These are all the levels released up to this date! When the game will get a new update with more puzzles, we will continue on the list and give you even more Brain Boom answers! So as soon as they do, come back here and check for the updated solutions!

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Brain Boom Answers: Level 176 – Level 183


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