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Brain Boom Answers: Level 36 – Level 70

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We’re back to you with another batch of Brain Boom answers, to continue where we left off the last time!

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This game has kept us busy not only through its crazy and fun riddles and puzzles, but also because there are a ton of unlockables and they can be customized as you wish! I guess that’s exactly what you could expect for a cool brain-challenging game!

If you still haven’t caught up with us, then make sure you check out our previous batch of Brain Boom answers for levels 1 – 35, and then you come back here to continue the levels! Therefore let’s not waste another second and dive right into our Brain Boom answers for levels 36 to 70!

Brain Boom Level 36 Answer

Q: Shoot all the sun at once.
A: Drag all of the suns onto the middle one and they will merge, then shoot it.

Brain Boom Level 37 Answer

brain boom answers 15

Q: Which monkey is real?
A: Slap them 3-5 times in order to find out – it is the second one.

Brain Boom Level 38 Answer

Q: Help the hen to hatch the chickens.
A: Place your finger on the egg and hold it there until it hatches.

Brain Boom Level 39 Answer

Q: Get the sheep to go back inside.
A: Tilt your device to the right and it will slowly slide inside.

Brain Boom Level 40 Answer
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Q: Put the elephant into the fridge.
A: Zoom in on the elephant to make it smaller, then tap on the fridge door to open it and drag and drop the elephant inside the fridge.

Brain Boom Level 41 Answer

Q: Roll the dice and get a six.
A: Shake your device until the dice shows you six.

Brain Boom Level 42 Answer

brain boom answers 13

Q: Which sun is the real one?
A: Move all the suns across the screen, and they will start burning. The remaining one which hasn’t burnt is the real sun. Once you discovered it, tap on it.

Brain Boom Level 43 Answer

Q: Light the street lamp.
A: Move the small sun icon behind the shadow under the street lamp. Once you hide it completely the lamp will turn on.

Brain Boom Level 44 Answer

Q: One is a real person, one is a wax figure. Which is the real?
A: Swipe fast as if you would wipe the face of the first figure. It will start melting at some point. When it does that, it means that you discovered the wax figure. Tap on the real one.

Brain Boom Level 45 Answer

brain boom answers 16

Q: Find out the biggest number.
A: Merge the two “1”s and it will become bigger. Tap on it.

Brain Boom Level 46 Answer

Q: Which three number add up to 17?
A: Tap two times on 8 and once on 1. (8 + 8 + 1 = 17)

Brain Boom Level 47 Answer

Q: Park the car to the parking spot.
A: Move the other two cars to make room then place the car in the parking spot.

Brain Boom Level 48 Answer

Q: How many number eight are there in the picture?
A: 8

Brain Boom Level 49 Answer

Q: Turn on all the bulbs.
A: Press the second button, then on fourth button.

Brain Boom Level 50 Answer
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Q: Beat all the fleas.
A: Shake the puppy and when there are fleas jumping off, tap on each one of them. Shake the dog again and repeat the process until you get the level passed.

Brain Boom Level 51 Answer

Q: How much do all the coins worth?
A: Move all the coins to reveal the hidden ones, and you will get 3 + 4 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 5 + 5 = 28. Answer is 28.

Brain Boom Level 52 Answer

Q: How many sheep are there?
A: 0 (you can tap on the wolf to scare them away and reveal 0)

Brain Boom Level 53 Answer

Q: Pour out the water in the cup.
A: Tilt your device up side down.

Brain Boom Level 54 Answer

Q: Ignite the wood.
A: Swipe fast on your screen only on the wood (left-right) and it will slowly make a flame.

Brain Boom Level 55 Answer

brain boom answers 14

Q: Find out the smallest egg.
A: Move all of the eggs to the side to reveal the ones hidden and tap on the smallest one.

Brain Boom Level 56 Answer

Q: Charge the phone.
A: Place one finger on one end of the cable and another on another end of the cable to close the circuit.

Brain Boom Level 57 Answer

Q: Take a photo for your girlfriend.
A: Tap on the “Camera” button, then move the “Camera” button away to reveal “BeautyCam” button and tap on it. Once you did that, you can tap on the button to take a photo.

Brain Boom Level 58 Answer

brain boom answers 18

Q: Throw all the garbage into the bucket.
A: Place inside the bucket the word “garbage” as well as all the trash (except the phone) and press OK.

Brain Boom Level 59 Answer

Q: What is the number behind the question mark?
A: Move the question mark aside and reveal number 7.

Brain Boom Level 60 Answer
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Q: Enter the numbers in the picture one by one.
A: 5784

Brain Boom Level 61 Answer

A: Tap on the text “PEACOCK”.

Brain Boom Level 62 Answer

brain boom answers 12

Q: Tap the fruit from the smallest to the biggest.
A: Tap the bananas, then the watermelon then the cherries.

Brain Boom Level 63 Answer

Q: What do the three biggest numbers add up to?
A: 24

Brain Boom Level 64 Answer

Q: How is universal gravitation discovered?
A: Shake your device thoroughly.

Brain Boom Level 65 Answer

brain boom answers 17

Q: Save the elephant.
A: Drag the key from the upper right side of the screen onto the lock.

Brain Boom Level 66 Answer

Q: Help the car to go across the bridge.
A: Place the third circle under the car in the place of the missing wheel and the car will move across the bridge.

Brain Boom Level 67 Answer

Q: How to keep the dog from feeling hot?
A: Move the sun away from the screen.

Brain Boom Level 68 Answer

Q: Which is bigger?
A: Tap on the watermelon.

Brain Boom Level 69 Answer

brain boom answers 19

Q: No swimming.
A: Take the human figure out of the sign and from the water.

Brain Boom Level 70 Answer
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Q: Find the hen.
A: Take the little chick from the bushes and then start tapping on it to beat him up until the hen appears.

These would be all of our Brain Boom answers that we have for you right now! Don’t go too far because we’ll return very shortly with a new batch of answers to help you get through the stages quickly!

Update: Don’t forget to check out the new batch of Brain Boom answers for levels 71 to level 105!

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Brain Boom Answers: Level 36 – Level 70

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