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Brain Boom Answers: Level 1 – Level 35

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Today we have just started a new and exciting game which is meant to challenge your brain and train you to think outside the box. Finding the Brain Boom solutions to the levels is our task here, so if that’s what you were looking for, then you came to the right place!

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We are going to start with the very first 35 levels of the game, so if you want to see what is the answer / solution to these levels, then let’s not waste another second and dive right into them right here below!

Brain Boom Level 1 Answer

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Q: Which one changed secretly?
A: Tap on the yellow shape which changed quickly as soon as you opened the level. If you didn’t notice it, restart the level and pay attention. A shape will change within the first second.

Brain Boom Level 2 Answer

Q: Where is the chicken?
A: Move the hen away and you will reveal the little yellow chicken. Tap on it.

Brain Boom Level 3 Answer

Q: Find the duck.
A: The duck is in the fourth row, third bird. It is disguised as a chicken but it is yellow. Tap on it.

Brain Boom Level 4 Answer

Q: What would you do if the wolf comes?
A: Drag on the fence on the left and swipe it right to close the gate.

Brain Boom Level 5 Answer

Q: Where is the apple?
A: Tap multiple times on the tree to shake it. When it drops the apple, tap on it.

Brain Boom Level 6 Answer

Q: Find the fireworm.
A: Move the cloud on the right side and tap on the red sun. Then, once it turns to night, tap on the glowing fireflies.

Brain Boom Level 7 Answer

Q: Which one cannot swim?
A: From the weird white and yellow duck, move its head / mask away to reveal that it is a chicken, then tap on it.

Brain Boom Level 8 Answer

Q: Which glass has water?
A: Move the glasses to reveal which one has water dripping. (it is the fourth one)

Brain Boom Level 9 Answer

Q: How many stars do you give this game?
A: Select 5 stars if you want.

Brain Boom Level 10 Answer
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Q: How many donuts are there?
A: 8

Brain Boom Level 11 Answer

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Q: Where is the color green?
A: Drag yellow on top of blue to create green.

Brain Boom Level 12 Answer

Q: How to hit the bull’s eye?
A: Zoom in on the target to make it bigger, then fire the arrow.

Brain Boom Level 13 Answer

brain boom answers 10

Q: Launch the rocket.
A: Move the “OK” button to reveal a fire, then drag and drop it at the end of the rocket to boost it.

Brain Boom Level 14 Answer

Q: Defuse the bomb.
A: Press both A and B buttons at the same time.

Brain Boom Level 15 Answer

Q: Reach the finishing point quickly from the bottom up without stepping on the green part.
A: Tap on each yellow square starting with “Start” and when there are no yellow squares, then just tap on the white background.

Brain Boom Level 16 Answer

Q: Make a big balloon.
A: Hold a finger over the hole in the balloon then pump air into it until you pass the level.

Brain Boom Level 17 Answer

Q: Follow the order and tap.
A: The order it Yellow – Red – Blue – Green. Tap on the Yellow button (B), then on the Red button (A), then on the Blue button (C), then on both Yellow and Blue buttons at the same time (B and C together).

Brain Boom Level 18 Answer

Q: Make a sign saying caution, wet floor!
A: Slightly tilt your device towards left or right side.

Brain Boom Level 19 Answer

Q: How many sheep are there?
A: 7

Brain Boom Level 20 Answer
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Q: Catch the ping-pong ball.
A: Drag the ping-pong all on top of the paddle.

Brain Boom Level 21 Answer

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Q: Find the bull.
A: Move the first cow’s utters and you will reveal the bull.

Brain Boom Level 22 Answer

Q: Which is the fastest way to reach I from A?
A: Drag the I on top of B and then move right once.

Brain Boom Level 23 Answer

Q: I have to pee now!
A: Swipe left on the screen to reveal the men’s bathroom and then tap on it.

Brain Boom Level 24 Answer

Q: How to make them be familiar with each other quickly?
A: Tilt your device to the right and let the man slide towards the girl.

Brain Boom Level 25 Answer

brain boom answers 9

Q: Which ones in the picture are mammals?
A: Move the little chicken and vegetable down, and you will reveal a sheep and duck too. Then, select the whale, the kitten and the sheep and press OK.

Brain Boom Level 26 Answer

Q: Try to score a goal.
A: Hold a finger over the goalkeeper and then select one of the left or right arrows.

Brain Boom Level 27 Answer

Q: Disassemble the valve.
A: Use two fingers to rotate the valve towards the right until it falls off.

Brain Boom Level 28 Answer

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Q: Tap button 3 times to clear the level.
A: Tap on the text “button” 3 times or tap on the actual button 2 times and then last on “button” text.

Brain Boom Level 29 Answer

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Q: Help them to eat the bugs.
A: Hold a finger on each chicken and then slowly pull them away from each other to split the worm in two.

Brain Boom Level 30 Answer
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Q: Park the car to the parking spot.
A: Drag the skirt off from the drawing of the girl parking spot, and then you can park the the guy’s car there.

Brain Boom Level 31 Answer

Q: Date with Xiaofang.
A: Pull down Xiaofang’s hair until it reaches the floor (like Rapunzel).

Brain Boom Level 32 Answer

Q: Help the tortoise to win.
A: This is very simple: tap on the Start button then tap and hold your finger on the hare to stop it from moving.

Brain Boom Level 33 Answer

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Q: Drink water.
A: Wait until the straw is aligned and then press the OK button.

Brain Boom Level 34 Answer

Q: What can be used to crack the walnuts?
A: Drag the word “What” on top of the walnut to crack it. (it’s a play on words here)

Brain Boom Level 35 Answer

Q: Which one is the nearest to us?
A: Tap on the pink rectangle.

These would be all of our Brain Boom answers that we have for you right now! Stay tuned because soon we will get back to you with another batch of Brain Boom answers, for the following levels!

Update: A new batch of Brain Boom answers is out! Check out the Brain Boom answers for levels 36 to 70!

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Brain Boom Answers: Level 1 – Level 35

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