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Brain Boom Answers: Level 71 – Level 105

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We are back to help you solve even more Brain Boom levels and give you the answers to more puzzles!

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If you are still looking to solve some of the previous levels, then you can find the Brain Boom answers for levels 1 – 35 and Brain Boom answers for levels 36 – 70 right here! So don’t worry if you are a little bit behind. Just check them out and come back here to continue with the solutions!

So without further ado, let’s get right into the Brain Boom answers for levels 71 to 105 and help you solve these fun puzzles!

Brain Boom Level 71 Answer

Q: Which is the most stable one?
A: Shake your device and select the orange pentagon.

Brain Boom Level 72 Answer

Q: Which color covers the biggest area?
A: Tap on the white background.

Brain Boom Level 73 Answer

Q: Where am I?
A: Tap on “I” in the text.

Brain Boom Level 74 Answer

Q: Help the chicken to hide.
A: Tap and hold your finger on top of the chicken.

Brain Boom Level 75 Answer

Q: There are four brothers. If you multiply the number of their ages, you get 14. How old and they?
A: Tap once on 7, once on 2, twice on 1. (7 – 2 – 1 – 1)

Brain Boom Level 76 Answer

brain boom answers 22

Q: Where is the old man’s beard?
A: Drag away from the swan the white feathers from its neck and then tap on it.

Brain Boom Level 77 Answer

Q: Try and drink the orange juice.
A: Swipe right multiple times on the juice bottle lid, until it is open, and then tap on the opened bottle.

Brain Boom Level 78 Answer

Q: Open the cabinet.
A: Swipe right on the cabinet – the drawers are actually just a door.

Brain Boom Level 79 Answer

Q: Help the car to go across the bridge.
A: Place your finger underneath the bridge (not in the bridge gap but slightly under it) and press the “Start” button.

Brain Boom Level 80 Answer
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Q: Try to score a goal.
A: Tap, drag and hold the ball and place it into the net.

Brain Boom Level 81 Answer

Q: Find out the rule and tap accordingly.
A: Tap on the Apple, then on the Books, then on the Cat, and then on the Door. (alphabetically – A – B – C – D)

Brain Boom Level 82 Answer

Q: The cat wants some fish.
A: Tap, drag and drop the fish icon (from the upper right) on top of the cat.

Brain Boom Level 83 Answer

brain boom answers 27

Q: Help the tortoise to win.
A: Move the bushes away to reveal a bunny, then once it’s revealed he will run away and you can tap on the “Start” button.

Brain Boom Level 84 Answer

Q: What time will it be after an hour?
A: 9:00

Brain Boom Level 85 Answer

Q: Please enter the password.
A: Type “password”.

Brain Boom Level 86 Answer

brain boom answers 28

Q: Purble Pairs
A: Pair up the cards 2 by2.

Brain Boom Level 87 Answer

brain boom answers 23

Q: Help the bird back to its nest.
A: You can just move the bird by holding it and placing it wherever you want or by pressing the “Left” or “Right” buttons. Then, once it reaches the snake, just make sure you pick it up and place it inside the nest.

Brain Boom Level 88 Answer

Q: How many triangles are there?
A: 8

Brain Boom Level 89 Answer

Q: Turn on all the bulbs.
A: Tap on all three buttons at the same time using 3 fingers.

Brain Boom Level 90 Answer
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Q: The doctor gave you 8 pills in the evening. He asked you to take two in the evening, one in the morning and at noon. How many pills are there the next day before noon?
A: 5

Brain Boom Level 91 Answer

Q: Help the car to go across the bridge.
A: Tilt your device to the right and the car will cross the bridge.

Brain Boom Level 92 Answer

Q: How to dry the clothes?
A: Tap and hold your finger onto the T-shirt. Shake it well until it is dry!

Brain Boom Level 93 Answer

brain boom answers 24

Q: Find the disguised wolf.
A: Grab the baby sheep, then drag it across the screen in front of all the sheep. You will see the wolf lifting his head. Tap on him!

Brain Boom Level 94 Answer

Q: Help the tortoise to win.
A: Drag the finish line and place it in front of tortoise.

Brain Boom Level 95 Answer

brain boom answers 26

Q: Solve the problem of drought.
A: Swipe left on your screen to see what’s hidden towards the right side. Then grab the rain cloud and move it to the left. Swipe right to go back to the desert and place the rain cloud above the sun.

Brain Boom Level 96 Answer

Q: How to make the frog jump higher than the tree?
A: Flip your device up side down and the frog will instantly fall higher than the tree.

Brain Boom Level 97 Answer

Q: What is the number of”?”? [1 + 4 = 5, 2 + 5 = 12, 3 + 6 = 21 …. 8 + 11 = ?]
A: 96 (8 x 11 + 8)

Brain Boom Level 98 Answer

Q: Try to get the ball which fell into the well.
A: Flip your device up side down and the ball will fall out of the fountain.

Brain Boom Level 99 Answer

Q: What should you drink if you don’t want to get sunstroke in summer?
A: Salt water.

Brain Boom Level 100 Answer
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brain boom answers 20

Q: How can one know the man is lying?
A: Pull his nose out kinda like Pinocchio.

Brain Boom Level 101 Answer

brain boom answers 25

Q: Weigh the hen.
A: Grab the hen and shake it until 5 eggs fall off, then place the hen on the scale.

Brain Boom Level 102 Answer

Q: Stop Sadako from coming out.
A: Simply shake your device hard a few times.

Brain Boom Level 103 Answer

Q: Avoid the catastrophe.
A: Tap and hold your finger on the iceberg. Start shaking it up and down many (many!) times until it completely melted then press the “Start” button.

Brain Boom Level 104 Answer

brain boom answers 21

Q: Try to have a cherry ice-cream.
A: Take the wafer from the tent, then take the snowy peak from the left and place it on top, then take the red sun and place it on top, and lastly take the tent peg from the bottom right and place it on top of the sun.

Brain Boom Level 105 Answer

Q: Turn on all the light bulbs.
A: Take the light bulb on the right and move it outside of the screen.

These are all of the Brain Boom answers for levels 71 to 105! Stay tuned because we’ll be back with a new batch of answers shortly to help you solve even more puzzles!

Update: The new set of Brain Boom answers for level 106 to level 140 is out now! Take a look!

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Brain Boom Answers: Level 71 – Level 105

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