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Brain Boom Answers: Level 141 – Level 175

We are back with even more answers to help you pass the stages of the game! Today we will cover 35 more levels of the game, so we’ll give you the Brain Boom answers for levels 141 to level 175!

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But let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Brain Boom answers for levels 141 – 175 and help you solve the puzzles!

Brain Boom Level 141 Answer

Q: Do not look at me.
A: Place your phone with the screen down for a few seconds.

Brain Boom Level 142 Answer

brain boom answers 39

Q: Who’s the programmer?
A: Move the fourth guy’s hair away and tap on him.

Brain Boom Level 143 Answer

Q: What will you do if you bump into someone you do not want to see?
A: Move the person away from the screen. (drag him outside of the screen)

Brain Boom Level 144 Answer

Q: Which one is the heaviest?
A: Pull both hammers up and drop them. The one that’s more stable is the heaviest one. (the one on the right)

Brain Boom Level 145 Answer

Q: Share this to two kids.
A: Slice the doughnut by dragging your finger across it and then place half on the second plate.

Brain Boom Level 146 Answer

brain boom answers 41

Q: The kid’s football went missing.
A: Move the image with the kid and the field to the left and you will reveal his ball on the right.

Brain Boom Level 147 Answer

Q: Unlock.
A: Move the unlock screen towards the key, not the key button towards the right as you would normally do.

Brain Boom Level 148 Answer

Q: Tell whether he loves me or not by tearing down the petals.
A: Tear down all of the petals from the flower, then the word “petals” from the text.

Brain Boom Level 149 Answer

brain boom answers 40

Q: Drink water.
A: Press the button when the straw is aligned with the man’s mouth.

Brain Boom Level 150 Answer
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Q: Make a Japanese flag.
A: Take the background from the basketball ball and place it on top of the white flag.

Brain Boom Level 151 Answer

Q: Your girlfriend wants to come to your place, but you still have something left from your ex. You only have enough time to cover one thing. What will you cover?
A: Cover the girl’s eyes by placing your finger there.

Brain Boom Level 152 Answer

Q: What sport does tyrannosaurus hate the most?
A: D. Weight lifting.

Brain Boom Level 153 Answer

brain boom answers 38

Q: Prepare the healthy meal.
A: Shake the hamburger until the contents separate.

Brain Boom Level 154 Answer

Q: Which is the most beautiful one?
A: Move the boy in front of every girl, and when his face turns red select the girl (third one).

Brain Boom Level 155 Answer

brain boom answers 42

Q: Where is the unicorn?
A: Move the cone from the ground (from the dropped ice cream) on the head of the third horse to make a unicorn then tap on it.

Brain Boom Level 156 Answer

Q: What would you do if the pen won’t write?
A: Shake your device.

Brain Boom Level 157 Answer

Q: How will the ball fall if you cut the rope when it reaches the highest point?
A: C. Fall down.

Brain Boom Level 158 Answer

Q: Shoot at the basket.
A: Tap the “Shoot” button when the pointer is aligned with the green color.

Brain Boom Level 159 Answer

Q: Make the progress bar full.
A: Drag the two extra bars form behind the others and place them in the empty space.

Brain Boom Level 160 Answer
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Q: Open the airplane cabin door.
A: Pull the door towards the left side.

Brain Boom Level 161 Answer

Q: Wipe out the earthworms.
A: Tap and hold onto the worm’s body and when the “Delete” button appears, press it.

Brain Boom Level 162 Answer

Q: Another one.
A: Scratch in the grey area until you reveal text “Another one”.

Brain Boom Level 163 Answer

Q: If only I was the first.
A: Move each individual number to create from “01” from the two rows.

Brain Boom Level 164 Answer

Q: Which one is the drag queen?
A: Flip your phone up side down to reveal which one it is and tap on it.

Brain Boom Level 165 Answer

brain boom answers 36

Q: Where is the prince?
A: Drag the lips onto the frog and you will reveal the prince.

Brain Boom Level 166 Answer

Q: Catch the burger.
A: Catch each piece of the burger.

Brain Boom Level 167 Answer

Q: Shoot at the basket.
A: Press the button “Shoot” when the cursor is in front of the green meter because there is a small delay.

Brain Boom Level 168 Answer

Q: Fry the steak.
A: Tap on the “Open fire” button and tap the “Close fire” button once the meter is on green. Then, move the button away and tap on the “Flip” button that is hidden behind. Tap on the “Open fire” button again and close the fire once the button is green.

Brain Boom Level 169 Answer

Q: Twenty-five people want to get across the river by boat. There is only one boat which can carry five people at most. How many times are needed to get all the people across the river?
A: 6

Brain Boom Level 170 Answer
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Q: Blow out all candles at the same time.
A: Tap on the first candle, then on the last one, then on the second one and then on the third one.

Brain Boom Level 171 Answer

Q: There’s an apple eating contest between the wolf and the sheep. Who’s better at it?
A: Drag the sheep over the wolf so the wolf will eat it. Then press the button that says that the wolf wins.

Brain Boom Level 172 Answer

Q: Something is wrong with the plane! What should you do?
A: Buckle in the seat-belt.

Brain Boom Level 173 Answer

brain boom answers 43

Q: It’s raining again. What should you do?
A: Move the boy above the clouds where it doesn’t rain.

Brain Boom Level 174 Answer

Q: You’re gonna be late for your date!
A: Tap on the door handle to open the door then tap on the door to exit and go to the date.

Brain Boom Level 175 Answer

Q: Which color is lighter?
A: Move all the blocks away to see which of them is lighter (as in less heavy). It’s the purple one.

These are all of our Brain Boom answers for levels 141 to level 175! Don’t go too far because we will update you as soon as new answers get released!

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Brain Boom Answers: Level 141 – Level 175

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